Pathfinder Map Pack Storage Box

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Build the Perfect Adventure!

Be prepared for every adventure by collecting your Pathfinder Map Pack tiles in one convenient spot. Whether you're building the ultimate city, labyrinthine caverns, or an entire dungeon, have all the pieces at your fingertips with this perfect companion to the Pathfinder Map Pack series!

Maps for Every Campaign!

Make sure your campaign follows wherever your imagination takes it with the complete line of Pathfinder Map Packs. From bustling cities to deadly dungeons, Pathfinder Map Packs let you skip the mapping and get back to the most important part of the game: your adventures!

Holds 18 Map Pack Tiles—that's all of the tiles from a single Map Pack product.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-546-4

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***( )( ) (based on 8 ratings)

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Boxes now all match

****( )

I bought a stack of these for all my old map packs that didn't previously had boxes for it. I keep then in a drawer where I can read them all from the titles on their spine.

Good: Almost all of them fit perfectly, I had about one or two that was tight fit but I also kept the original front and back pieces with them as well. I can write what they are not only on the front but the spines as well and can identify them exactly as they were the newer boxes pre-printed. They were easily to assemble once I opened them and used the map packs inside of them to fold down the top and bottom. Once you got used to how to open the box there was not any

Mediocre: Some didn't want to fit well, and the flaps didn't always want to stay closed. I'm hoping this is a case of the more I have them closed up with pressure sitting in a stack there will not be any issue. I'm not calling the fit a con - because about 75%+ fit well or a little loose but some of the older packs were tight with all the pieces involved.

Perfect for shelf storage and convention travel


I used to use a piece of paper and a rubber band to keep the older map packs in their groups. I saw these at GenCon last year and bought a couple. While they are a little bit difficult to open, I tore a few of the first ones, but I found that if you start on just one of the longer side, it was fine.

I have one for ever map pack I own, which at this point is almost all of them, and the ability to just glance at the side and find the pack I need is well worth the little bit of tape and the $3.

I keep one that is just for the tiles that I need when going to a convention. It's easier to pack, and I can put other items that are that size in there too.

Good storage solution.

***( )( )

I was a little sceptical of the need for these at first, I own quite a few now and overall think they are a good storage solution for the tiles. Only issues I can see is the folding and fit. They can be a pain to unfold for use, but time and care get around that issue. Some sets fit a little snuggly - especially if you try to squeeze in the front and back "cover" tiles.

US Postal Flat Rate Box

*( )( )( )( )

I feel this is an frivolous product. I have been using US postal service, small flat rate box, for years now. They are large enough to hold three map packs with ease; and a fourth on a snug fit.

Mostly good

***( )( )

I had initially ordered ten of these, and they all folded up nicely and without clumsy me doing any damage to them.

However, some of the map packs seem to have a thicker cardstock or lamination (no, they are not just thicker from using/transporting) and those strain the box a bit much.

Anyway, I just ordered more, so yeah, mostly good...

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