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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Kingmaker Adventure Path Part 3: "The Varnhold Vanishing" PDF

****½ (based on 2 ratings)

Our Price: $4.99

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The Kingmaker Adventure Path ventures into the eastern portion of the Stolen Lands, where strange disappearances summon stout-hearted heroes to investigate. Long-dead abominations, prehistoric fauna and more await in this Pathfinder Paper Minis set, which contains everything you need to run "The Varnhold Vanishing," part three of the Kingmaker Adventure Path!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Agai, spriggan
  • Agai, spriggan (Large)
  • Bull mastodon (Huge)
  • Cephal Lorentus, dread zombie
  • Chuul (Large)
  • Daemon, piscodaemon
  • Dinosaur, elasmosaurus (Huge)
  • Dread zombie cyclops (Large) (4)
  • Ettercap (5)
  • Giant feral boar (Large)
  • Giant flytrap (Huge)
  • Giant river eel (Large)
  • Greater water elemental (Huge)
  • Horagnamon, raven
  • Kankerata, bulette (Huge)
  • Manticore (Large) (3)
  • Mudman (12)
  • Murder of crows (Large)
  • Nomen centaur (Large) (8)
  • Rat swarm (Large) (6)
  • Roc (Gargantuan)
  • Soul eater (2)
  • Spriggan (2)
  • Spriggan (Large) (2)
  • Trapdoor spider (6)
  • Vordakai (Large)
  • Willas Gundarson, spectre
  • Wolf (4)
  • Wyvern (Large) (2)
  • Xianthe Silverfire, female centaur (Large)
  • Xill (5)
  • Zzamas, phase spider (Large)

Artwork by Crystal Frasier.

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Our Price: $4.99

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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Great Utility

****( )

Great product !
Since there is a lot of unconventional monster on this adventure, I had a lot of problem with the monsterbox minis

The minis are neat and a bit comics.

I wish I had it sooner xD.
and I greatly wish the next one will be released this year.

Worth the wait!


Great bunch of Mini's and tailor made for the AP. Everything you need is here. Every mini is good if not great. Crystal's style has a cartoon feel to it that my group likes. Some of the mini's in this stood out for one reason or another and I will put that in the spoiler.


Daemon, piscodaemon second hardest fight for my group and this mini looks mean!

Dread zombie Cyclops- Fear them! With this set of 4 you will.

Flytrap - Second favorite from the set. "Feed Me!"

Greater water elemental- Favourite mini from the set.

Nomen Centaur - Good and bad points for this set of 8. Bad is that the faces and poses seem very cut and paste. On the good side the color differences are enough that you will not confuse them on the map.

Roc- While I am not a fan of the vulture like appearance it is on big nasty bird.

Vordakai - I would have liked to have seen him with more bulk like the Dread zombie Cyclops. But those claws are ready to paralyze a few PC's

Great Job Crystal! Gift Certificates
On Sale and Clearance!

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