Pathfinder Battles—Skull & Shackles

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Hoist the black flag and set sail on deadly seas!

The scallywags, buccaneers, and beasts of the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Skull & Shackles campaign burst onto your game table in a blast of cannon fire and brimstone! This brand new set of Pathfinder Battles prepainted plastic figures features 55 all-new sculpts drawn from the gorgeous art in Paizo’s Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

With a focus on pirates and aquatic menaces, this set features several popular fantasy creatures that have never previously appeared in prepainted plastic, making Skull & Shackles a must-have for miniatures collectors and an essential accessory for seafaring play.

Pathfinder Battles figures come in a variety of randomly assorted packaging options.

  • Skull & Shackles Standard Boosters contain 1 Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures
  • Skull & Shackles Standard Bricks contain 8 Standard Boosters (32 figures total)
  • Skull & Shackles Standard Cases contain 4 Standard Bricks (32 Standard Boosters, 128 figures total)
Purchasers should get no to very few duplicate figures in a brick. Buyers who purchase factory-sealed cases should get a nearly complete set of figures. (As with any randomized product, collation is not guaranteed.)

Skull & Shackles Set List

1  Grindylow
2  Rat Swarm
3  Bloodbug
4  Vine Choker
5  Lady Ghoul
6  Sea Devil
7  Chelish Marine
8  Sea Devil Champion
9  Wererat
10  Elder Brykolakas
11  Greater Host Devil
12  Wereshark Pirate
13  Pirate Sailor
14  Pirate Smuggler
15  Sentinel Devil
16  Ambrose Kroop
17  Barnabus Harrigan
18  Admiral Thrune
19  Sandara Quinn
20  Selissa
21  Tsadok Goldtooth
22  Kerdak Bonefist
23  Master of the Gales
24  Tessa Fairwind
25  Luccaria
26  Jakaw Razorbeak
27  Arronax Endymion
28  Scourge Hellknight Paralictor
29  Giant Wasp
30  Sea Cat
31  Shimerae
32  Shark
33  Hammerhead Shark
34  Cyclops
35  Sea Troll
36  Drowning Devil
37  Aquatic Naga
38  Rosie Cusswell
39  The Eel
40  Brinebrood Queen
41  Golden Guardian
42  Seltyiel, Half-Elf Magus
43  Lirianne, Human Gunslinger
44  Isabella Locke
45  Whalebone Pilk
46  Gilbrok the Tongue
47  Duppy
48  The Whale
49  The Matron
50  Daughter of Imerta
51  Paeta
52  Cannon Golem
53  Captain Riptooth
54  Seaweed Siren
55  Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription.

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***½( ) (based on 11 ratings)

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A worthwhile investment for water themed campaigns

****( )

Paint jobs getting REALLY bad

**( )( )( )

When Paizo first started putting out pre painted minis back in the heroes and monsters day the sculpt and the paint jobs were amazing "for a pre painted plastic". Sadly with each new set releaed the paint quality keeps going down very quickly. I have so far bought complete sealed cases of every set (not directly from Paizo because they charge WAY too much) and each set gets worse. It has become REALLY bad with the release of the goblins case, the undead case, and now this Skull & Shackles case has HORRIBLE paint. The sculpts have always been really nice. The paint is so sloppy it looks like it is being done by overseas child labor. and even the parts that are paint stamped on, like the eyes are all over the place. The eyes on most of my figures are either way down on their cheeks or up on their foreheads, very few actually have the eyes painted where they should be. If you are going to charge the insanely high amount of $400 a case then you should get your paint quality back to the level it was with heros and monsters and stop letting it get worse and worse with every new set.

Decent, but not a step forward

***( )( )

There are many good things in this set: aquatic minis, fantastic NPCs or monsters from the AP... yet I couldn't helpp but being slightly disappointed.

Firstly, I was disappointed by the number of missing/broken minis inside the boosters. Out of a case, I had one completely missing, one with a severed head (poor Arronax Endymion!), and one stirge... I mean bloodbug who wanted to fly off its base... and managed to do it. Overall, resilience of the minis is still somehow lacking.

Secondly, I didn't really appreciate the paintjob of one of the most iconic character of the AP: Kerdak Bonefist's face is... very basic, and sadly unexpressive. I think my biggest grudge is how they painted the eyes. If you compare them to the previous sets and the top-notch jobs made on minis like Xin, or Sorchen, you'll probably find the face painting of S&S minis lacking as I do.

On the other hand, the set includes some great minis. My favourites include the Sea Troll (a worthy cousin of the enormous Troll Champion of the SS set), the Daughter of Imerta (sadly too rare for my taste as a S&S GM), or Ambrose Kroop. However, my disappointment also resides within the fact that there are too few minis that really got me carried away, as opposed to the two previous sets. WizKids really outdid themselves for RotRL and SS, but this set - while decent - is a bit underwhelming despite my love for the AP itself and pirates in general.

Disappointed by number of missing minis

**( )( )( )

I wrote a longer post, but then the store threw an error when I tried to post it. I'll make it short and sweet this time: I was missing five minis from having a complete set (38, 39, 47, 50, 51). I have two broken minis. Several minis feel like they will probably fall off of their stand in the near future. I would give the paint/sculpt job an average of 4 out of 5. Some of them get a 5 for being awesome, while some get a 2. (What is wrong with Seltyiel's face?) I'm questioning if I want to continue my subscription since $400 to be missing so many and have such quality issues seems like a bad investment. Looking at the price for singles for previous sets, I'm guessing I will have to pay yet another $40 to complete my set.

Very Good, but not Great!

****( )


• Mostly liked the mix of rank-and-file figures with unique characters/monsters Brineblood Queen only one, but had 6 Chellish marines. However, rarity based on the adventure could have been better. For example, got 3 Shimerae (only one encountered in the AP), but got only one Daughter of Imerta (encounter 6 in the AP). I’m pretty sure Wiz Kids decides the mix based on “coolness,” but wish Paizo could have more input into that.
• I did get a full set in the one case (batting a thousand so far…)!
• Just as always, I don’t need a bunch of “character” figs, I prefer more “monsters” in the mix. However, in this instance, because I don’t have a lot of generic pirate minis, I will make an exception.
• As far as the choices that were made for inclusion into this set I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Excellent!
• It’s probably just me, but I don’t want any more dragons for the incentive figure for a while. The rune giant was the best so far. More stuff like that!


• Overall, the paint jobs were good, about a 4 out of 5 stars, but a few of the medium figures were terrible (iconic gunslinger the worst)!
• Really enjoyed the tattoos on Isabella Locke (how did they do that?)!
• Sculpts were very good for the most part, but I still wish they were more dynamic (great examples are; the wererat, sentinel devil, Tessa Fairwind, Jakaw Razorbeak, giant wasp, seacat, Cyclops, The Eel, iconic magus, Isabella Locke, Daughter of Imerta, cannon golem and Captain Riptooth).
• My favorite figures for overall quality (sculpt, paint and impact) were; the wererat, Kerdak Bonefist, giant wasp, sea troll (my absolute favorite of the set), drowning devil, duppy, The Matron, Daughter of Imerta, cannon golem and Brinebones of course!
• I only had one damaged figure in the case (the hammerhead) and it had broken where the clear stand met the base.


• Second best set, IMHO, after RotRL.
• As I said before, I may be in the minority, but I would like to see something other than a dragon as the incentive figure… Just sayin’.
• More monsters, less human/demi-human figures. Save the high quality sculpts and paints for a set like Beginner Box Heroes.
• Why no other sealife (giant crab, octopi, squid, mermen, locathah, charda, etc.)?
• MORE HUGE FIGS!!!!!!!!!

-Strange Doc

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