Pathfinder Granite Art: Goblins

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Shutter the windows. Bolt the doors. Lock up the hounds. For the goblins are on the hunt tonight, dogslicers at the ready, and the streets of Sandpoint are not safe for man nor beast!

This piece of granite features artwork by Wayne Reynolds from the very first Pathfinder Adventure Path volume, "Burnt Offerings" from Rise of the Runelords! These creepy, dog-hating, fire-loving, needle-toothed goblins have been a fan favorite ever since they were first introduced and now you can show them off in this limited edition collector's item!

Includes display stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Plaque is 7 3/8" by 5 1/2".

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****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Not granite

***( )( )

If you are expecting a block of granite like a counter top this is not it. Its some sort of stone that looks like carbon to me. It was, in its state previous to the art, was broken into chips then highly compressed and flattened for the art area. It is still a beautiful piece with a good weight to it. I was just expecting solid granite. But then again with its price I probably shouldn't have. Its still worth it though so I do recommend it.

Lost 2 stars from the material.

EDIT I also noticed that I was not the first to post a review on this product, yet I have the certificate 1 of 250. Not sure about that? Why would I be #1 if I was at the very earliest the second person to buy it? Random thought.

Rock of Art


I decided to go ahead and jump on this. The Goblin image really captures the essence of what I think Pathfinder is a great take on a long established tradition. This is a heavy piece of art. The Granite block has the chipped away effect at the edges with some of the color bleeding into it. The image has a sturdy coating on it. Touching it reminds me of the commemorative plate art that was once a staple of TV. This is probably the gamers equivalent of that. Price feels right for what this is. I would have liked the stand to be a little more sturdy. It's two plastic legs unattached but it works and wont scratch the art. There is also a mount included if you want to wall hang it. I'd like to see more of these perhaps the iconics. Adds a nice flair to your gaming den.