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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Shattered Star Adventure Path Part 5: "Into the Nightmare Rift" PDF

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This set contains over 100 key NPCs and monsters from "Into the Nightmare Rift," part five of the Shattered Star Adventure Path!

In this set, you'll find threats both mundane and cosmically horrifying, from giants to Lovecraftian creatures and more!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Advanced gug (Large) (4)
  • Advanced Leng spider (Large)
  • Advanced moon-beast (Large) (4)
  • Advanced Nessian warhound (Large) (2)
  • Advanced skull ripper (Large) (2)
  • Aevaenthial, male nalfeshnee (Huge)
  • Aurumvorax
  • Beruvexus, male astral deva
  • Bhole (Colossal)
  • Cadrilkasta, female wyrm blue dragon (Gargantuan)
  • The Curator, male old human ghost transmuter
  • Faceless angel (2)
  • Fire giant (Large) (3)
  • Flying polyp (Huge)
  • Gug savant (Large)
  • Guiltspur hill giant (Large) (4)
  • Guiltspur naga (Large) (6)
  • Handless fire giant (Large)
  • Handless hill giant (Large) (2)
  • Hill giant (Large) (4)
  • Hill giant concubine (Large) (4)
  • Hunt mistress, female drow noble ranger (2)
  • Intellect devourer (Small)
  • Jubbek, male hill giant barbarian (Large)
  • Larval purple worm swarm (Large)
  • Leng ghoul (8)
  • Mastodon (Huge) (2)
  • Mesmalatu, female awakened demilich cleric of Nyarlathotep
  • Morcruft, Leng ghoul
  • Nightgaunt (16)
  • Ognathooga, Mother of Oblivion (Gargantuan)
  • Phantasmal aboleth (Huge)
  • Purple worm (Gargantuan) (2)
  • Rift drake (Large) (3)
  • Roper (Large)
  • Shoggoth (Huge)
  • Skullcracker, advanced smilodon (Large)
  • Stom, female fire giant fighter (Large)
  • Tar-daubed mastodon (Huge) (3)
  • Togbad, male hill giant (Large)
  • Troll (Large) (7)
  • Water elemental, elder (Huge) (2)
  • Xaivanshee Rasivrein, female drow noble cleric of Zura
  • Young silver dragon (Large)

Artwork by Todd Westcot.

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Our Price: $5.99

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