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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Shattered Star Adventure Path Part 4: "Beyond the Doomsday Door" PDF

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This set contains over 100 key NPCs and monsters from "Beyond the Doomsday Door," part four of the Shattered Star Adventure Path!

In this set, you'll find creatures that even demons fear, along with bloodthirsty fey, and apocalyptic priests that haunt the coastlines of Varisia!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Ardathanatus, male half-elf cleric of Yamasoth
  • Aigus, male human werebear ranger
  • Animate dream (2)
  • Casamir Azmeren, male half-elf cleric of Desna
  • Beshka, female efreeti (Large)
  • Demon, vrock (Large) (2)
  • Drake, sea (Large) (6)
  • Elemental, fire (Large) (4)
  • Ettin (Large) (9)
  • Gathuspia, female night hag witch
  • Gein Kafog, male human cleric of Zon-Kuthon
  • Giant, hill (Large) (6)
  • Golem, damaged clockwork (Large)
  • Golem, ice (4)
  • Golem, stone (Large) (2)
  • Gongorinan (2)
  • Groetan candle (6)
  • Groetan mummy (12)
  • Ikoradmus, female taiga giant (Huge)
  • Kandamereus, male mummy cleric of Groetus
  • Kob-kog, male ettin fighter
  • Koriah Azmeren, female half-elf ranger
  • Larla Clankypump, female redcap bard
  • Lemuel, male human werebear ranger
  • Luthask, male juju zombie bugbear fighter
  • Mephit, dust (5)
  • Nildus Thilano, male old human ex-cleric of Erastil
  • Pallid Path cultist, skulk cleric of Yamasoth/rogue (6)
  • Pilla Linuveshi, female human expert
  • Qlippoth, chernobue (Large)
  • Qlippoth, nyogoth (2)
  • Qlippoth, shoggti (Large) (2)
  • Redcap (4)
  • Ricle Peakes
  • Roy Flaxbeater, male redcap rogue
  • Salamander (3)
  • Shadow, greater (4)
  • Sinspawn guard (6)
  • Sufestra, female medusa cleric of Mestama
  • Tezmakru, baregara
  • Verken, male human werebear ranger
  • Zolerim, male hman cleric of Nethys/wizard/mystic theurge
  • Zovvi, male human werebear ranger

Artwork by Todd Westcot.

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Our Price: $5.99

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