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Gothic Grimoires: The Necrotic Verses (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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The first in our new line of Gothic Grimoires, The Necrotic Verses presents a study in artistic horror delving into the dark side of magical music, betwixt the macabre and madness. Penned by an impresario whose creative curiosity became his undoing, The Necrotic Verses is an ideal complement to a Gothic Adventure Path or any game where the tragedy of flawed genius and the corruption of artistic creation drives men and women to ruin. Featuring a detailed history and description, The Necrotic Verses breaks open heretofore unknowable secrets to the bardic oeuvre, including 9 new bardic masterpieces from the Dance of the Empty Moons to the Opus of the Golden King, each more disturbing than the last.

Designed by Jason Nelson and Clark Peterson with the Legendary Games design team of Neil Spicer, Greg A. Vaughan, Clinton J. Boomer, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, and Russ Taylor. Who better to provide you with alternate magical books, spells, and rules for your Adventure Path campaign than the very writers of those adventures themselves? Answer: no one. Legendary Games' Adventure Path Plug-Ins supplement and enrich your campaign experience, offering adventures and supporting products that incorporate and expanding upon unique concepts, themes, and rules subsystems introduced in the Adventure Paths while filling in the background characters, items, and locations that make those adventures come alive in delightful (and often dangerous) detail. Legendary Games combines stellar writing talent with innovative layout and product design and top-notch artistic values that we think will bring you back again and again.

Download includes TWO files: a full color version AND a stripped black and white version for easy printing, both versions hyperlinked internally and to online Pathfinder resources for easy interactive reference.

Check out this 8-page gothic-themed magical accessory and Make Your Game Legendary!

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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A must-buy of macabre bardic options, all wrapped as a grimoire


This pdf is 1 8 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial/SRD, 1 page introduction of what this is, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 4 pages of content, so let's check this out!

This pdf introduces us with one new grimoire, i.e. one of the cool books pioneered for PFRPG by Legendary Games - the book contains thus a book with an extensive background history that allows access to a variety of a special powers - at a price. Tomes like this can damage the mind of those reading them and this homage to Erich Zann's story (with an appropriate twist) contains not only an interesting background story, but also a couple of spells - if you dare brave these deadly pages.

The true meat of this pdf, though, would be the 9 new masterpieces:
-The Dance of Empty Moons can slow and maze its listener by sending them to what is obviously a nod towards the court of the King in Yellow.

-Dead Man's Frolic allows you to use fascinate and suggestions on the undead and even nauseate/entangle them.

-Masque Macabre: Twist a glamer into a frightening and disturbing mask that makes you more intimidating and add a sickened condition to those hit by your fear-effects.

-Mordant Coda: This one is GENIUS: Not only does it allow you to countersing haunt-effects and allows you to damage them, it also makes it possible for you to banish haunts into your instruments and carry them to other locations! Pure, storytelling genius and solid rules to supplement them - Awesome!

-Music of the Spheres: Enthrall others with the night sky for prolonged time and have them look for the sky. Also implant curse-style compulsions in a single being.

-Opus of the Golden King: Clearly pointing towards the King in Yellow, this opera is a combination of mad hallucination and up to 7 consecutive different effects - glorious!

-Pnakotic Fugue: In direct comparison, this is almost simple - almost: You can designate a given creature and make it appear as an alien being, affecting them as per song of discord and inciting them to either attack the nearest or the "alien" creature.

-The Scare Chord greatly enhances your intimidating prowess and your fear-dependent DCs.

Editing and formatting, as I've come to Expect from legendary Games, is top-notch: I didn't notice a single glitch. Layout adheres to Legendary Games' gorgeous two-column standard that immediately draws you into its gothic and disturbing appeal - glorious. Speaking of glorious: The full-color artwork of the grimoire is GORGEOUS and can rank among the finest pieces out there. Kudos and again, two thumbs up - especially at this price point! Furthermore, the pdf comes with a printer-friendly version and is FULLY bookmarked -kudos for going the extra mile, even at this length.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you one of the best, if not the best collection of bardic masterpieces out there for PFRPG. This is a glorious little pdf, full of cool ideas, doing unique things with the masterpieces and steeping them in intriguing, evocative lore that will result in an appropriate feeling of dread and knowing, gibbering chuckles by aficionados of the mythos. Rules-wise, the crunch expertly supplements the stellar fluff, resulting in yet another easily given 5 stars + seal of approval for this excellent little pdf by legendary games.

Endzeitgeist out. Gift Certificates
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