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Inked Adventures: Square Dungeon Tiles PDF

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Welcome back to the illustrated dungeon!

31 square dungeon themed tiles with hand-drawn elements with doors and scenery counters. Suitable for use with 25/28/30mm figures (1in = 5ft).

The ZIP file includes a choice of PDFs in A4 and US Letter formats—with black or white backgrounds (The PDFs do not use layers—for viewing compatibility in most browsers and software).

Square Dungeon Tiles (31 pages, 7x7 square tiles)
  1. Fountain Room
  2. Magical Chamber
  3. Statue Reception Room
  4. Collapsed Floor Room
  5. Idol Chamber
  6. Alcoved Tombs
  7. Cells Jail Gaol
  8. Corner Chamber
  9. Crypt Room
  10. Corridor
  11. Corridor Corner
  12. Corridor T-Junction
  13. Corridor X-Junction
  14. Corridor Dead End
  15. Stairs
  16. Spiral Steps Down
  17. Spiral Steps Up
  18. Room 30ft sq 4 Exits
  19. Room 30ft sq 3 Exits
  20. Room 30ft sq 2 Exits Opposite
  21. Room 30ft sq 2 Exits Adjacent (inc. Well)
  22. Room 30x20ft 4 Exits
  23. Room 30x20ft 3 Exits
  24. Room 30x20ft 2 Exits Adjacent A
  25. Room 30x20ft 2 Exits Adjacent B
  26. Room 30x20ft 2 Exits Opposite
  27. Long Room End
  28. Long Room Middle
  29. Massive Room Corner
  30. Massive Room Edge
  31. Massive Room Centre
Doors and Scenery
  • Stand-up double and single wooden doors (2.5D)
  • Scenery counters, including pillars, fallen rocks, gold, bodies, chests, tables and more
  • Wall blocking pieces (for covering unwanted exits on the tiles)
Inked Adventures: Square Dungeon Tiles are ideal for random play and are compatible with other Inked Adventures products. This product was created in response to numerous requests by gamers who wanted the Inked Adventures style art in a square geomorphic tile format. We hope that this pack lives up to those expectations! Please note: each tile and scenery pieces have been assembled on a computer using many hand-drawn elements. However, due to the nature of this process, some details are repeated, and there may be some inaccuracies in joins and dimensions—which can occur when scanned ink lines are used in printed products. There is a rugged charm in hand-drawn grids which can be hard to replicate on a PC. Where possible we have erred towards aesthetic over exactitude.

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