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Inked Adventures: Hand-Drawn Geomorph Tiles PDF

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Geomorphs for dungeon planning and random play have been making a come back in recent years. Being of a handy size (8cm sq) Geomorph Tiles are ideal for building “mega-dungeon” levels or mapping out smaller dungeons. With minimal effort these geomorph can be adapted from random play with most fantasy roleplaying systems. They can be used for preparation, inspiration or in play itself. Every tile has been painstakingly hand drawn in an illustrative style to provide you with a truly unique and beautiful product. As with other some other Inked Adventures products most of the walls have been drawn from a top-down 3D perspective – with a “classic” look of “old school” maps.

Contents of ZIP file:

  • Geomorph Tiles PDF: 126 printable individual 8x8cm tiles (6 tiles per printed sheet). These are 63 unique designs plus mirrored versions, which include “access” entrance tiles and “terminus” end of row or edging tiles. Almost every tile has quadrilled grid incorperated into the art. Map areas of 50ft or 100ft square (your choice, depending how you interpret the squares). Monochrome colour scheme with special entrances marked in red.
  • Game Master's Notes Sheets: 126 lined numbered sheets with an inset picture of every tile.
  • Printable "Reverse side" page PDF: This is an optional page in the same shade as the edging of the tiles. Aesthetically pleasing when tiles are laid face down next to each other and are revealed during play.
PDFs are in A4 and US Letter size formats. Print to paper or card. Easy to cut up and assemble—ideal for children and clumsy grown-ups.

May your dungeons be beautiful!

Note: Small Scale Product!
Unlike some of other the Inked Adventures products these Geomorph Tiles are not scaled for use with 25-28mm figures. Each tile represents a large dungeon area and is only 8cm (3.2 in) across to minimize white-space waste. The 10x10 grid on each tile means that each square 8mm (0.3in) wide. If you require hand drawn 1in=5ft scale tiles or ready-use floor plan sections for use with miniature figures may we recommend Inked Adventures: Square Dungeon Tiles or our popular Inked Adventures: Modular Sections Basic Pack.

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