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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Shattered Star Adventure Path Part 3: "The Asylum Stone" PDF

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This set contains over 80 key NPCs and monsters from "The Asylum Stone," part three of the Shattered Star Adventure Path!

In this set, you'll find all manner of creatures that live in the cliffside city of Kaer Maga, known as the City of Strangers! Troll augurs, clockwork creations, and the things that lurk only in the twisting cliff passageways are ready to strike against those that go poking their noses too deep into the delicate power balance of Kaer Maga!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Abra Lopati
  • Abroget (Small)
  • Augustille, male troll (Large)
  • Berkanin Ardoc
  • Boggard (4)
  • Bolgar Grumm
  • Brain ooze (Small)
  • Caulborn (2)
  • Choggi, giant dragonfly
  • Chrestomath
  • Cleaning construct swarm (Large)
  • Clockwork, soldier (2)
  • Daemon, hydrodaemon (Large) (2)
  • The Dark Rider
  • The Dark Rider's mount (Large)
  • Gav Nahli
  • Gibbering mouther (2)
  • Golem, alchemical (Large)
  • Grodair
  • Hasari
  • Hellwasp swarm (Large)>
  • Herifax
  • Hound of Tindalos (2)
  • Hungry fog (Huge) (2)
  • Kanta Ismahe
  • Krugulk Throatcaller
  • Luonim the Vast
  • Lurker above (Huge)
  • Lurker in Light (Small) (3)
  • Maligast of Eox
  • Manananggal
  • Marl Grumm
  • Mohrg (3)
  • Moonflower (Huge)
  • Nahi, Sister of Torment
  • Nezi, Sister of Torment
  • Nili, Sister of Torment
  • Olanna
  • Othlo Janke
  • Pale stranger
  • Petey (Small)
  • Rot grub swarm (Large) (2)
  • Seugathi (Large) (3)
  • Shadow mastiff (6)
  • Silasni
  • Tendriculous (Huge) (2)
  • Terracotta soldier (2)
  • Tsikinal (Large)
  • Tuggas Grumm
  • Tupilaq (Small)
  • Varguun, female troll (Large)
  • Wraith (4)
  • Wyvern (Large) (3)

Artwork by Todd Westcot.

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Our Price: $4.99

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