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Class Acts: Inquisitor Archetypes (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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The Class Acts PDFs introduce new class options for the base classes and core classes featured in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Every PDF contains two full pages of high quality content (no fluff or filler)!

Class Acts: Inquisitor Archetypes includes two new inquisitor archetypes: the Arbiter and the Shadow Agent.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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4.5 stars - two good archetypes just short of excellency; Still a super purchase

****( )

This pdf is 4 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, leaving two pages for the new inquisitor archetypes, so let's check them out!

The first archetype is the arbiter, who replaces monster lore with the power to utter a decree as a free action in the first round of combat to force all opponents to reroll initiative and take the lower result. As a VERY cool twist on an otherwise annoying spell, arbiters may use detect alignment-spells on any they witness committing a crime. As a free action, they may also end the their judgment to activate their bane ability, maintaining it for one round without expending said round from his daily allotment and at high levels, they may lend their judgments to allies. Neat archetype!

The second archetype contained herein is the Shadow Agent, who gets slightly different class skills (replacing e.g. survival with disable device etc.) and improved social/information gathering skills. Furthermore, they replace their spells with an assortment of so-called shadow talents, of which 14 are presented, ranging from evasion, fast stealth etc. to gain an shadow-based concealment armor or summon 1d4 shadowy unseen servants. Cool archetype - especially if you're like me and own a certain other book. Depending on your playstyle, you may check out SGG's Guide to the Shadow Assassin. The class's talents feel appropriate for the Shadow Agent as well, though as written, I would have preferred more unique talents.

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. Layout adheres to the 2-column no-frills standard and as with all Class Acts, the pdf comes sans bookmarks and art, but needs neither at this length. The two archetypes herein are interesting and offer some nice variants and abilities for inquisitors and honestly, I don't consider either unbalancd in any way. Nevertheless, there's something missing here - the je-ne-said-quoi, the special extra that makes me grin and cackle. The Shadow Agent is nice, but suffers from the space allotted to it - more and especially more unique talents would have been great. As written, both archetypes are solid, well-crafted but lack the genius of e.g. the juggling-ability of the Gallivant-bard and do what you'd expect from e.g. "Inquisitor sans spells with shadow-themed talents". There are no surprises, no truly distinct excitement here. Thus, I'll settle for a final verdict of 4.5 stars, rounded down to 4 for the purpose of this platform.

Endzeitgeist out.

Cops and Robbers


So Abandoned Arts new Inquisitor Archetypes are definitely going to be seeing table time with my new group. They present them in their usual simple and flawless format, etc...
The meat of the thing though:
Their Lawful Badass Inquisitor build, The Arbiter, is a lawman style character who takes the Inquisitor fluff and blends in a healthy dose of anti-crime activism. His opening ability "Arbiter's Decree" which replaces Monster Lore, is incredibly potent but definitely flavorful (although probably guaranteed to upset a few GM's) as it allows him to force enemies who can hear and understand him to reroll their initiative and take the lower result. He has a series of abilities after that that all contribute towards the idea of this character being a fearless lawman striking fear into the lawless and willing to do whatever it takes to bring in the bad guy.
The second Archetype, The Shadow Agent, trades spells and Monster Lore for an expanded skill list, better urban capabilities than the typical Inquisitor, and a slew of abilities called "Shadow Talents" that work something like divinely powered Rogue Talents. This build is my personal favorite and one I can't wait to bring to the table. I've actually got a rogueish gnome Inquistor of Besmara who I might beg my GM to let me rebuild for this role, since many of the passive benefits of the Shadow Talents will be easier to utilize in most situations than burning multiple standard actions buffing with the usual spells.
This Archetype is definitely one that should be fun to play, though the lack of spells and (relatively) limited selection of Shadow Talents will require most players to think hard about their build before jumping in as it will be a little less versatile than your average Inquisitor. Gift Certificates
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