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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Paper Minis—Skull & Shackles Adventure Path Part 6: "From Hell's Heart" PDF

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This set contains over 100 key NPC and monster miniatures for use in "From Hell's Heart," part six of the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path!

It's time to strike back against your enemies—all of them. They have brought their forces to bear against you, and they've battened down the hatches in their final stronghold. Devils, aquatic monstrosities, and mariners from every port are included in this set—everything you need to run "From Hell's Heart!"

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Alsus Agrimant, male human
  • Arandor Tauranos, male human
  • Arronax Endymion, male human
  • Aurumvorax (2)
  • Averine, female human
  • Barmaid, female human (2)
  • Bloody Belita, female human
  • Brinebones, old bronze dragon bloody electric skeleton (Gargantuan)
  • Cannon golem (Large)
  • Chelish marine officer, male human (4)
  • Daemon, giant piscodaemon (Large) (2)
  • Davo Eximander, male human
  • Devil, drowning (Large) (2)
  • Dire shark (Gargantuan)
  • Draugr pirate captain (4)
  • Druvalia Thrune, female human aristocrat/inquisitor
  • Duppy (7)
  • Horrus Riptooth, male shark
  • Horrus Riptooth, male human barbarian
  • Horrus Riptooth, male human wereshark barbarian
  • Hyapatia, female human
  • Hyapatia, female lamia matriarch sorcerer (Large)
  • Iron golem (Large)
  • Jarian Randeloric, male human
  • Kerdak Bonefist, male human fighter/Inner Sea Pirate
  • Kirrian Vortheen, male human bard
  • Korva Leroung, female human
  • Lavenia Jeggare, female human
  • Lurco Solamar, male human
  • Magaav commander, greater host devil fighter
  • Master of the Gales, old male human druid
  • Murder magaav, greater host devil rogue/assassin
  • Narovia Wintour, female human
  • Omara Culverin, female human gunslinger
  • Parbuckle, male human
  • Pirate boatswain, female dwarf
  • Pirate boatswain, male dwarf
  • Pirate bomber, female human (2)
  • Pirate bomber, male human (2)
  • Pirate guard, female human (2)
  • Pirate guard, male human (2)
  • Pirate sniper, female elf (2)
  • Pirate sniper, male elf (2)
  • Powderpot, male charau-ka alchemist
  • Prisoner, male human (4)
  • Prostitue, female human (4)
  • Prostitute, male human (2)
  • Raula Gallonica, female human
  • Scurvy, male monkey
  • Tessa Fairwind, female human
  • Tsadok Goldtooth, male half-orc barbarian
  • Ursion Quintillus, male human
  • Valeria Asperixus, female human Hellknight
  • Warehouse worker, male human (6)
  • Wereshark pirate, shark (4)
  • Wereshark pirate, male human (4)
  • Wereshark pirate, male human wereshark (4)

Artwork by Callous Jack.

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