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BASIC-1: A Learning Time (PFRPG)

****½ (based on 2 ratings)
BASIC-1: A Learning Time (PFRPG)

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A Pathfinder compatible adventure for beginner players and game masters, 4 PCs of levels 1-2

Prepare to be schooled!

Exallizar Preparatory Academy is a place that, for generations, has trained the best and brightest heroes in the land. All of the students are the children of famous heroes, and as one of the fortunate attendees, it is your job to uphold the legacy of excellence attached to your family name.

As a student in Exallizar, you will be put through the paces like never before. This first year will see you and three strangers attempting the Gauntlet—a mysterious crucible that will put all of your studies to the test!

Also included in "A Learning Time:"

  • The first look at an exciting new miniature campaign setting specifically intended for the basic version of Pathfinder
  • Four new iconic pre-generated PCs for quick and immersive play
  • A classic monster never before seen in the basic version of Pathfinder
  • A grading system to let you know how well you’ve done at the end of the adventure
  • The first chapter of a series of seasonally thematic modules that can be run to completion in 3-6 hours
  • HERO LAB files available for all encounters within the adventure as well as the BASIC Iconics, all playable as PCs!
  • VTT (Virtual Tabletop) files now included with all adventure modules! Play it now on!

Author: Kevin Mickelson.

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Product Discussion (7)

Now available!

And reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Also submitted my review to NERDTREK. Cheers!

Your review isn't showing up END. Perhaps the website maintenance on yesterday has something to do with this?

...and while the server technicians are busy I think I'll just slip this little book of sketches by Liz in my pocket and sneak out the back door... hee hee hee...

Yeah, none of my reviews today seem to show up - guess indeed it's the server maintenance. :( If you don't want to wait, drop me a PM and I'll mail you my review.

Much obliged for the review End! Always brings a smile when we fall on the positive side.

•The first look at an exciting new miniature campaign setting specifically intended for the basic version of Pathfinder

This is the first reference I'ves een to "the basic version of Pathfinder."

Is that referring to the Beginner's Box? Or is there something else out there?


Liberty's Edge

It's in reference to the Beginner's Box, HW. =) Though of course it also works very well with the core rules.

Thanks for the review, End!

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