Pathfinder Pawns: Skull & Shackles Adventure Path Pawn Collection

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Pathfinder Pawns: Skull & Shackles Adventure Path Pawn Collection

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Key monsters and NPCs from the piratical Skull & Shackles Adventure Path come alive on your tabletop with this collection of more than 100 creature pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of a monster or NPC from the Skull & Shackles campaign, including pirates, sea monsters, cyclopes, merfolk and dozens of unique NPCs that are also suitable to represent player characters. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base from the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary Box, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With multiple pawns for commonly encountered creatures and tons of distinct creature images, the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path Pawn Collection brings the friends and foes of Pathfinder’s pirate campaign alive like never before!

In addition to being part of the Pathfinder Pawns Subscription, Pathfinder Adventure Path subscribers who preorder this set will receive a free PDF edition of this product when the print edition ships. (Note that you will need to have an active Pawns or AP subscription at the time the Pawn Collection ships in order to receive the PDF for free.)

Note: This product does not include bases. It is intended for use with the bases found in the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary Box.

ISBN 978-1-60125-450-4

Skull & Shackles Pawn Collection Set List

The enemies and allies of the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path surge to life on your tabletop! Each has its own abbreviation and identification number for easy sorting. The Skull & Shackles Pawn Collection includes:

Small (and Smaller)
1   Aurumvorax
2   Dire Rat (4)
3   Grindylow (3)
4   Mandragora
5   Powderpot
6   Rat Swarm (8)
7   Reefclaw
8   Rosie Cusswell
9   Stirge (2)
10  The Eel
11  Vine Choker (2)
12  Will-o'-Wisp (3)
13  Adelita Doloruso
14  Agasta Smythee
15  Alise Grogblud
16  Ambrose Kroop
17  The Ancient Mariner
18  Animate Dream
19  Arronax Endymion
20  Avimar Sorrinash
21  Barnabas Harrigan
22  Bikendi Otongu
23  Boar
24  "Caulky" Tarroon
25  Cerise Bloodmourn
26  Chelish Marine (6)
27  Cut-Throat Grok
28  Devil, Erinyes (2)
29  Druvalia Thrune
30  Ederleigh Baines
31  Elder Brykolakas (4)
32  Fargo Vitterande
33  Ghoul (3)
34  Giant Crab
35  Giant Frog
36  Gilbrok the Tongue
37  Giles Halmis
38  Gorebeard Trench
39  Gortus Svard
40  Invisible Stalker
41  Isabella Locke
42  Isawyn
43  Jakaw Razorbeak
44  Kerdak Bonefist
45  Knuckles Grype
46  Krelloort
47  Kyan Kain
48  Lady Nightshade
49  Luccaria
50  Magaav Commander
51  Master of the Gales
52  Master Scourge
53  Merrill Pegsworthy
54  "Milksop" Morton
55  Mr. Plugg
56  Omara Culverin
57  Ormandar
58  Owlbear Hartshorn
59  Pierce Jerrell
60  Pirate (8)
61  Rahadoumi Officer
62  Riaris Krine
63  Royster McCleagh
64  Sahuagin (6)
65  Sandara Quinn
66  Selissa
67  Ship's Officer (2)
68  Tessa Fairwind
69  Tsadok Goldtooth
70  Vakarla
71  Valerande Aiger
72  Valeria Asperixus
73  Wereshark Pirate (4)
74  Whalebone Pilk
75  Zarskia Galembar
76  Cannon Golem
77  Cyclops (5)
78  Drowning Devil (4)
79  Giant Rock Crab
80  Giant Wasp (2)
81  Horrus Riptooth
82  Hyapatia
83  The Matron
84  Paeta
85  Phase Spider (3)
86  Scrag Savage (4)
87  Screaming Satyr
88  Shaija
89  Shark (5)
90  Water Naga
91  The Whale
92  Canopy Creeper
93  Darkforest Anemone
94  Giant Spyglass Octopus
95  Ishtoreth
96  Lightning Elemental
97  Sapphire Jellyfish
98  Shark, Great Hammerhead
99  Shark-Eating Crab (2)
100 Shrouded Queen
101 Spiny Eurypterid
102 Treant (2)
103 Triceratops (2)

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Pawns Subscription.

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Skull & Shackles bring more Pawns for the Addicted GM!


I have a problem. I love pawns and feel the need to buy every single pawn set as it is released, regardless of whether or not I am going to play the adventure path. In the case of Skull & Shackles, I doubt that I will ever play the adventure path, but that didn't stop me from buying the pawn set. This is the set to get when you want to stock up on pirate NPCS and all of the creatures of the sea that your party might encounter.

This is probably the most perfectly made set of pawns out of all that Paizo offers at present. The art is gorgeous and up to the regular Paizo standards, but the ink is not as dark as on some of the pawn sets. This is a common complaint that doesn't bother me, but others seem to harp on about it.

The pawns themselves are all pre-cut from the cardboard and will literally fall out of the sheet once you start looking through them. There will be no problems removing them and none of that annoying cardboard tear that comes from improperly cut pawns. All of the pawns are aligned properly on the sheets and even the characters with the guns have actual guns on the pawn instead of truncated, sawed-off handles.

As stated above, this is Paizo's most perfectly made set to date. If you're addicted to pawns like me, then buy with confidence. If you need your pirate fix, then this is the set for you!

More Pawns (and npc´s)

****( )

I love this pawns, i admit it!!

Theres a 171 paws in total, and is filled with a lot of NPC´s (i don´t have this AP, as the RotRL, but i have boths expansions and are a lot of usefull at my table).

My players take one npc pawn to represent his/her character and thats when the magic comes!!

absolute a must have at your table (unles you have minis and even so, you can mix ´em up)

Proud of this purchase

****( )

My concern with the tokens was that they would be too flimsy. I remembered back into the paper-fold characters that WOTC used to publish back in the day and I think Paizo did for a while. I was surprised at the sturdiness of this token line. The Beastiary set is on the way.

This AP is very NPC heavy and I would have gladly paid more for a full set of NPCs. That is the only reason for the 4 out of 5 instead of giving it a 5.

The fact that these can be pub back in the sleeves and stored more economically than paper fold-ups is also a big plus. I much prefer these over mini's for both storage and cost.

A nice addition!

****( )

This set has a bunch of nautical and pirate-themed critters. They are in the same high quality cardboard format as the bestiary box, and are meant to supplement it. I do not have the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path, but I think these are useful miniatures nonetheless. There are a few repeats from the bestiary box, but I'm OK with that as they tend to be things you'll need more of. Most of the monsters are unique to this set and quite interesting. There is a robust array of pirates. As usual, the "medium-sized" pawns tower above medium-sized miniatures, so using a mix of the two can be awkward, but this is a great set for a great price.

You will need to buy new stands or use the ones in the bestiary box, as this set does not come with any. Also, keep the pawns in their cardboard sheets and keep the cardboard cover and you should be able to store this on your shelf much like a hardcover book.

Good set

****( )

Great set, with good pictures of characters that are missing pictures such as Milksop and that mustache-dude from the Lady's rock. BUT it is missing some vital characters, susch as the norgerber clerics and Brinebrood queen, so no 5 stars.

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