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Killshot Files #0: Retribution (OSRPG) PDF

***** (based on 1 rating)

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No one stumbles into assassination or tries it out for a lark. It's a calling. How you came into this work never matters, it's how fast you learn the trade. It's not something you can walk around calling yourself simply by blowing someone's head off and getting a small wad of cash for it, any idiot can do that. To be considered a true assassin, you have to prove you're capable of getting the job done.

Killshot Files #0: Retribution is the quickest, simplest, and definitive way to try your hand at professional assassination or directing using the Killshot RPG. These 39 pages provide a basic version of the game, five (5) pre-generated characters, a Tracker, and a complete introductory job linking to the events in The Dead Can't Testify trilogy. All you need are the dice and an active imagination. More importantly, the entire PDF is FREE. You have nothing to lose.

This is the premiere issue for Killshot Files, an ongoing series of supplemental material for the Killshot RPG. Access additional content for assassins and Directors alike, new marks to insert in your own career, variant settings and hacks for a different kind of game, and a complete job in every issue.

Designer: The Warden
System: Optional System (OSRPG)/Killshot
Page Count: 38
Features: Complete introductory job, quick-start rules, 5 pre-generated assassins, table of contents, bookmarks, printable character records/Tracker

This product is available using the Creative Commons license.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review


This tasty package provides a free introduction to Killshot. It's packed with information and background, an adventure, pre-generated characters and enough of the game mechanics to give the system a good test-drive. Written in a conversational, slightly breathless style, it is addressed to Directors (i.e. GMs) - so if you want to play, don't read this but give it to whoever you can persuade to run the game for you. Or bite the bullet, and run it for your friends. Your chance to play will come soon enough if you get enough people enthused about this game.

After some brief introductory remarks it launches into a swift, concise yet clear summary of how the rules work. The full rules, of course, contain a lot more (and examples of how each rule functions) but you will be able to get by with this, at least for an introductory game.

Next comes the pre-generated characters, five of them. Although they are pretty much playable straight off, some bits have been left blank to enable the players to customise them a little. Other bits are blank because they refer to rules that have not yet been discussed. The good thing is, most are covered in Killshot: An Assassin's Journal (the player rulebook) which is another free download, so once you get hooked you can grab a copy and add these bits in. There are also handy comments to guide players in the use and effects of various elements.

Finally, there's the actual adventure, or Job in game parlance. Everything is laid out clearly, with copious notes and sidebars explaining just what is going on and precisely how the game mechanics can be used to move things forward. It's an elegant example of a 'teaching game' in that by the time you have played through it, both Director and players should have a sound basic understanding of how to play Killshot... as well as a good idea of whether or not this game is for them, so that they can decide if they want to get hold of the full ruleset.

Yet even though it is a reasonably simple Job and pains have been taken to spell everything out, it is actually a good adventure in its own right with enough going on to keep you interested in the outcome of events, not just in understanding the processes involved in playing the game.

This one of the best examples of a "Quick Start" game I have seen in a long time. It's a good introduction to the concept and flavour of the game combined with an excellent tutorial in how to play it. Gift Certificates
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