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Pathfinder Society Scenario #4–11: The Disappeared (PFRPG) PDF

****( ) (based on 26 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–5.

A powerful ally of the Pathfinder Society has disappeared, and no one but the Pathfinders even remembers that she ever existed. Can the PCs discover the fate of their missing associate, or will all memory of her be erased completely from history?

Written by Jonathan H. Keith.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Product Reviews (27)
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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 26 ratings)

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My favorite PFS scenario


I have to say that I'm pretty shocked by all the negative reviews of this scenario. Most of them seem to come from people who played the scenario with GMs who didn't explain scenario details properly.

Players are supposed to know that they're under a strict time limit right from the start. And while it may seem ridiculous to take several minutes to move through a room, the GM should be explaining that the party is nearly packed shoulder to shoulder with nobles and other high society people in fancy dress, so casually strolling through as if you belong is going to be a slow and tedious process. And the adventure even specifically says that the GM should be sure to tell the players how long everything takes, to let them know how long they're taking, and there's a built in mechanism for warning them of how much time they have left.

I also saw one complaint about how you can get stuck if you don't search a specific item in one room. While the adventure does say "A DC 15 Perception check while examining the ____", it would be a pretty big jerk GM move to not have that covered as part of searching the whole room. And at DC 15, even a level 1 group should have someone who can spot that while taking 10.

I played this scenario when it was new, then GMed it four times since then, because I enjoyed it so much. I've never had a group fail the main mission. I've had some close calls on the time limit, but I've also had a group finish with more than 15 minutes to spare. I've seen a group of all level 1s with three barbarians have trouble with the skill checks, but they didn't fail quite enough to get into trouble, and they trivialized the combats. I've also seen skill heavy groups have no problem sneaking/bluffing their way through the party, and then have a little trouble in combat, but they were eventually able to win the fights. A well balanced party will have the greatest chance of success, as it should be.

As my review title says, this is my favorite PFS scenario. I love seeing the creative solutions players come up with to various things (just how does a druid sneak her baby elephant companion through a fancy party?), the skill challenges that are more than just die rolling, and the looks on the players' faces when we reach the point where I'm able to say those four magic words:

"The chair attacks you."

Best response ever: "Good thing my ranger has favored enemy: furniture."

And this scenario has the one and only truly memorable Silver Crusade faction mission I've ever seen. When I played it, I was playing my chaotic good gnome prankster bard in the Silver Crusade. When I read that faction mission, I practically fell out of my chair laughing, both in and out of character.

All in all, I think this is a really fun, creative adventure, though it does require extra work from the GM. While there are some minor pieces of constructive criticism in these reviews that I can agree with, most of the major complaints seem to come down to GM problems, not the adventure itself.

PFS Meets Mission Impossible


Mission Impossible. That's the best description for this scenario.

The other reviews already covered the great parts of this scenario: Fun mission, great setting, good roleplaying, fun puzzle, fantastic handouts, and out-of-the-box thinking might be needed. If you're a GM or player that doesn't like roleplaying scenarios, do everyone a favor and pass on it.

Somehow our group blundered through this scenario, so if our 2 fighters and cleric can, anyone can do it. But maybe the GM was just being generous. Also, we split the party lots of times, you just have to know when to proceed and when to wait. I think this scenario teaches hard, but good lessons.

”Detailed Rating”:

Length: Short to Medium. It ran 3.5 hours for us, but many other groups were done in 2.5 hours. I think we had more fun though.
Experience: Player with six players at subtier 4-5 with mediocre PCs, several playing up.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: I thought it was fun but the sky's the limit on this one. (9/10)
Story: I really enjoyed the story elements, especially the small details about Zarta. Great handouts. (10/10)
Roleplay: Disappeared has a lot of potential, which may or may not be realized. (9/10)
Combat/Challenges: Easy combat challenges and fun roleplaying skill challenges. Puzzles that were neither too easy or too hard. (10/10)
Maps: The last map could have had a better explanation, but overall, awesome. (10/10)
Boons: This boon is a little more useful and powerful than normal. Having said that, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would we be in Cheliax's good graces after we infiltrated and ransacked their embassy? Sigh. Thanks anyway. (4/10)
Uniqueness: There aren't many infiltration missions in PFS. (9/10)
Faction Missions: I can't remember, not even sure they were handed out (season 5). (n/a)

Overall: This scenarios has the potential to either be awesome or crash and burn. For us it rocked. (9/10)

Totally enjoyable, fun, sneaky romp!

I ran this scenario earlier this year. I thoroughly loved the style of it. I will say, this is not a hack and slash adventure! This is espionage at it's best! Yes there is fighting, but not a lot. Lots or role-playing opportunities. Lots of use of skills which don't normally come into play.

If you like to fight and that is all, this scenario may not be the best for you.

[Player] Amazing scenario, a must-play!


My perspective on this scenario is as a player. For reference, I played it in the lower tier (1-2). Be warned, spoilers will follow!

"The Disappeared" is a scenario I simply cannot find anything bad about. I sometimes rave about a scenario because the DM was good, but even with a sub-par GM, this scenario will turn out to be amazing.

What I loved about this scenario include:

- A masterfully-executed inflitration mission.
- Time is of the essence! Pressure based on a limited amount of time available will help with your immersion immensely.
- What's not to love about descriptions? I didn't know anything about the Paracountess before I played this, and I can understand why she's such a major character in PFS. Major highlight on Cheliax and Chelish culture also make this one highly interesting.
- Codes... I love deciphering codes!

As a conclusion, I'll gladly give this scenario a five-star rating, with a wish to see more scenarios like this one.

Story: 4/5
Roleplay: 4/5
Encounters: (including non-combat) 4/5
Mechanics: 5/5

Total: 5/5

This is what great scenarios are like


I have both GMed this scenario and played in it, and I can attest- it does a lot of things right. This is definately one of the "atypical" scenarios where creative players and skilled characters really get the chance to shine over min-maxed combatters. Not to mention the scenario has a great plot that ties in with a fantastic story line, and the signifigance of the scenario's mission gives the PCs a chance to feel like they're somebody in the Society. Definite recommend.

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