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Fractured Phylactery (PFRPG)

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Centuries of unlife do strange things to a lich’s mind. Leander d’Arstond is no exception; driven insane by his long unlife and past brushes with destruction, the brilliant wizard challenges do-gooders to hunt him down. D’Arstond is no ordinary lich, however, and those who treat him as such are in for a dangerous surprise.

In order to bring the lich down forever, characters must undertake an extraplanar journey of epic proportions before finally confronting the evil-doer in his lair. Failure is not an option for the characters, as the lich will then continue his evil machinations against the forces of good.

This Gaming Paper Adventure Includes:

  • A stand-alone adventure for 4–6 players, levels 15–17.
  • 6 maps
  • Numerous illustrations to help immerse you and your players in the adventure.

"Fractured Phylactery" is an adventure for 15th–17th level characters. Written by John Ling, maps by Robert Lazzaretti, and with stunning artwork by Joel Biske this adventure is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

This Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible adventure contains background information, GM notes, five maps, and all the details necessary to run this high-level planar adventure! The adventure is designed to stand on its own, for four to six players with levels ranging from fifteenth to seventeenth.

If you find this adventure interesting and your characters survive or die memorably, please look for the Gaming Paper logo on future publications from The Guys Who Put Squares on Paper!

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Product Discussion (12)
Dark Archive

Sounds like a interesting high level adventure.

Review in the works, D_M! :)


I think it's interesting, but I'm biased. ;)


I'd love to hear comments from folks who have the adventure. Be mindful of spoilers, of course.

And I'd love to see that review, too, End. ;)

Is there no print version of this? Or is it just PDF? Would like to have the adventure, but not if I have to get it on PDF. As I have said elsewhere (and not looking to start an argument, just stating my preference) I am very anti-PDF and will not buy them, but would like to get a print copy of this if it is ever available.


Alephtau, I know there was a print version of it at GenCon. I'll poke the folks at Gaming Paper and see about getting some stock in. :)


Print/PDF Bundle now available!

Reviewed here, submitted to NERDTREK and sent to GMS magazine. Will show up on DTRPG via GMS magazine. Cheers!


Thanks for the review, End. I generally don't get in the habit of posting counter-points to reviews, and I'm not going to do that here, either. A lot of your criticisms are valid, I think. What I will say is that a lot of things you wanted - particularly on the elemental planes - were left out because of one word: space. As it is, I blew my assigned word count by about 50%.

I always find your reviews thoughtful and well-balanced. I'll give myself a small pat on the back for the things you liked and take to heart the things you pointed out that could've been better. Cheers!

I think you can pat yourself on the back for this one - it's a nice module. I totally get that space is an issue - If you ever revisit the inner planes (companion book?) I'll happily revise my review to include a second rating that points towards the supplemental material.

That being said: The finale is absolutely awesome! Excellent work there! (In fact, I would have loved to see that as a separate haunted house-style module and expanded, but that may just be me...)

Still waiting for my kickstarter print-copy.

Erik just mailed me - fast response. Neat!

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