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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Song of Blades and Heroes—Revised Edition PDF

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The nominee for “Best Miniature Rules” Origins Award returns in an improved, expanded Revised Edition.

Song of Blades and Heroes is an exciting set of fast play fantasy skirmish rules that can be played with your existing miniatures.

  • EASY: simple rules that you learn in one game
  • EASY MEASURING: no counting inches or centimeters: SBH uses three measuring sticks to measure all distances
  • FAST: A game lasts 30-45 minutes. Play a mini campaign in a single evening
  • INEXPENSIVE: 5-10 models per player are needed
  • CONVENIENT: a 3’x 3’ play area is enough
  • MULTI-SCALE: any single based miniature, in any scale
  • NO WEIRD DICE: use standard six-sided dice only
  • READY TO PLAY: 180+ monsters and heroes included, and you can create your own!
  • CAMPAIGN RULES: your warband grows more powerful after every battle
  • Six scenarios included
  • Designer notes let you understand the whys and hows of the mechanics
  • Optional rules let you customize the game to your heart's content.

This greatly expanded edition features lots of examples and clarifications written during a period of over four years. The game has been played and scrutinized worldwide by a vibrant, creative community of thousands of players. Try the game and see how Song of Blades and Heroes has brought back the fun for countless enthusiasts of fantasy miniature wargaming.

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