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Here Be Monsters: Wastehounds (PFRPG) PDF

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There’s no such thing as too many monsters!

These cunning creatures may look like dogs from a distance but the slimy skin, poison, and other strange abilities will change your mind fast. Pack-hunting jungle predators, the wastehounds are on the prowl. And they’re hungry!

  • 5 new monsters—ghulhound, wastehound, wastehound alpha, wastehound exile, and zelodian mutant
  • Ecology of the wastehound
  • Explorer’s camp with detailed color map
  • 3 different mini-adventures of varying levels, featuring wastehounds
  • And tons of hooks!

Here Be Monsters brings you new monsters, their ecologies, and mini-adventures to bring them to life. Each episode focuses on one monster but presents several different types of that monster or closely related monsters. More than that, a full ecology fleshes them out for your game, and a lair or other locale is presented—complete with a map—with one or more different scenarios utilizing the creatures.

Let the killing begin!

Here Be Monsters is a high quality, full-color, web-optimized, 17-page PDF from Zombie Sky Press with convenient links to for common gaming terms. It uses the Open Game License and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License and is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and standard 3.5E fantasy RPGs.

Design: Liz Courts, David Schwartz, Joshua Stevens
Illustration: Michael Jaecks, Ashton Sperry
Editing: Scott Gable, Dora Wang

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Now available (and on sale for a limited time)!

Zombie Sky Press

And here's a taste:

Wastehound(CR 5)
XP 1,600
NE Medium magical beast
Init +7; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, relentless stalker, scent; Perception +11

AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+3 Dex, +5 natural)
hp 59 (7d10+14)
Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +4
Immune disease, poison

Speed 40 ft.
Melee bite +10 (1d6+5 plus poison and trip)
Special Attacks cull the herd, poison

Str 17, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 5, Wis 14, Cha 11
Base Atk +7; CMB +10; CMD 23 (27 vs. trip)
Feats Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Run, Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Acrobatics +9 (+17 to jump), Perception +11, Stealth +11, Survival +4; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception, +2 Stealth, +2 Survival
Languages Common (cannot speak)
SQ predatory leap

Environment any
Organization pack (2–12)
Treasure incidental

Cull the Herd (Ex) A wastehound does not provoke attacks of opportunity when it attempts to drag a prone target. (See the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player’s Guide for the drag combat maneuver.)
Poison (Ex) Bite—injury; save Fort DC 16, frequency 1/round for 6 rounds, effect 1d2 Dex, cure 1 save.
Predatory Leap (Ex) A wastehound always counts as having a running start when making jump checks using Acrobatics.
Relentless Stalker (Ex) Using its scent ability, a wastehound can sense the exact location of any creature it has wounded within 100 ft.

The Exchange


It's a terrible thing to live in the richest country on earth and not have 2 bux to throw at what looks like an awesome product!!!

The Exchange

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
It's a terrible thing to live in the richest country on earth and not have 2 bux to throw at what looks like an awesome product!!!

Merry x-mas :)

Just another reason the Paizo Community is the greatest on earth! Thanks so much!

Stay tuned for a review!

Zombie Sky Press

That's just awesome, John! Hope you enjoy it DungeonmasterCal!

And reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Cheers!

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