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Bullet Points: 5 Unseen Servant Feats (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Sometimes rules supplements read like the world-setting bible of frustrated novelists. While solid world- building is a useful skill, you don't always need four paragraphs of flavor text to tell you swords are cool, magic is power, shadows are scary, and orcs are savage. Sometimes a GM doesn't have time to slog through a page of history for every magic weapon. Sometimes all that's needed are a few cool ideas, with just enough information to use them in a game. Sometimes, all you need are bullet points.

Bullet Points are a line of very short, cheap PDFs each of which gives the bare bones of a set of related options. It may be five spells, six feats, eight magic weapon special abilities, or any other short set of related rules we can cram into about a page. Short and simple, these PDFs are for GMs and players who know how to integrate new ideas into their campaigns without any hand-holding, and just need fresh ideas and the rules to support them. No in-character fiction setting the game world. No charts and tables. No sidebars of explanations and optional rules. Just one sentence of explanation for the High Concept of the PDF, then bullet points.

The High Concept: Five feats that allow spellcasters using the classic and venerable spell unseen servant to use it in new and useful ways. This is the latest in a series of products to celebrate the "Summer of Bullets" event!

The feats included are:

  • Force Servant: Your unseen servant is much hardier than most.
  • Greater Servant: Your unseen servant spells produce faster, stronger spell effects.
  • Unseen Actor: You can use your unseen servant to lend credibility to your illusions.
  • Unseen Craftsman: Your unseen servant is much handier than most such spell effects.
  • Unseen Squire: You can order your unseen servant to help another character.

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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5 Unseen Servant Feats is yet another in the highly successful Bullet Point series from that rules monster Owen over at SGG... Following the standard Bullet Point landscape/3 column format with the type of editing that earns a 3PP a top spot amongst their peers, the look and feel of this PDF will be familiar to the fans of this particular series. Weighing in at four pages, with the classic intro/cover page, and OGL, we have two covering the new material, with two pieces of color interior artwork.

First up we have the Force Servant – making your unseen servants of the hardier variety. There really isn't much more I can say here without giving you this feat, literally, so, trust me on this one, it's decent! Greater Servant does exactly what you might assume here, it gives you a better version of an unseen servant when you conjure one. Unseen Actor is a brilliant usage of an unseen servant spell, utilizing the servant to add little physical effects to an illusion (kicking up dust, carrying small objects, lifting things, opening/closing doors, etc.). Gives a bonus to the save DC vs. said illusions, and I say again, is one seriously cool usage of a servant. Well Done!

Unseen Craftsman allows an unseen servant to partake of the aid another concept when allies are making skill checks. Unseen Squire allows a caster to “give away” their unseen servant, assigning it to serve another character. Now that opens up some interesting possibilities.

All in all, a good collection of feats to enhance and manipulate this spell, one in particular that I simply love. My one lone voice of dissent is in regards to the rather cartoonish piece of artwork, but that comes down to a personal taste matter, and is not worth an effect upon the rating of this material. Going with a 4.5 for this one, unseen craftsman didn't truly go there for me, but I am still rounding up to a 5, as a 4 is to low for this product.

5 awesome feats full of potential


This pdf is 4 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial/SRD, leaving us with 2 pages of content for 5 feats to modify the unseen servant spell, so let's check this out!

the feats are:

-Force Servant: The unseen servant counts as a force effect and thus is immune to damage and can manipulate ethereal objects.

-Greater Servant: This feta modifies your unseen servant so it has an effective str-score of 6, can perform tasks of up to DC 14 and keep up with movements like climbing, flying etc., even if you move more than 15 ft.

-Unseen Actor: Your unseen servant can interact with figments you create, adding minor real effects to your illusion and thus making it harder to see through. The unseen servant can slo be used to enhance your stealth. This one's really creative and cool -bravo!

-Unseen Craftsman: The unseen servant can take the aid another action when an unskilled assistant could do so and gain access to your Craft and profession skills.

-Unseen Squire: Your unseen servant can be assigned to other characters to stow items safely away or produce them, prepare a weapon etc. and enables the character with such a squire to accept or pass items as a free action- the servant could also reload a crossbow or firearm (though it takes long), carry a shield or apply a potion to the character. This feat is AWESOME - not only is it clever and cool, just think about it: With some minor reskinning, you'll have a nice framework for some kind of beneficial haunting/friendly spirit-themed characters - Kudos and two thumbs up!

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. layout adheres to SGG's 3-column standard and the pdf has no bookmarks, but needs none at this length. Every time I think I'm getting finally tired of these spell-feats one-man-feat-factory Owen K.C. Stephens manages to pump out yet another stellar pdf full of great feats with yet another one or two inside that can only be considered innovative and cool. This is another one, and one that ranks among the more creative and interesting spell-feat BPs. My final verdict for this cool, creative little file will be 5 stars + seal of approval - the squire feat alone is worth checking this out.

Endzeitgeist out. Gift Certificates
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