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Under Frozen Stars (PFRPG)

****½ (based on 6 ratings)

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On an epic journey across the far frozen wastes, your characters seek their destiny and that of the future empress. Yet at the top of the world, having overcome the ravening storms and dark forces arrayed against them, you discover a marvel of legend, a ruined city both ancient and alien. Surely you cannot simply pass it by without exploring it and seeing what mysteries have lain untouched for time out of mind. Then again, if the rumors told in the caravan are true, perhaps others have come not so long ago, leaving behind a mysterious treasure that may be of great aid in claiming your imperial destiny in the eastern realms.

This adventure for characters of 7th to 9th level supplements the epic journey at the midpoint of the Far East Adventure Path campaign. It allows PCs a chance to stop and explore one of the notable locations they discover along the way, helping balance out what can become an arduous grind of seemingly disconnected events on their polar crossing. Apart from an Adventure Path, this adventure serves as an excellent introduction to a desolate lost city hidden by nigh-impassable terrain, yet containing connections to past and future, where east meets west.

Designed by Jason Nelson with the Legendary Games Design Team of Neil Spicer, Clinton Boomer, Greg A. Vaughan, Matt Goodall, Russ Taylor, Jim Groves, and Clark Peterson. Who better to provide you with supplemental adventure material for your Adventure Path campaign than the very writers of those adventures themselves? Answer: no one. Legendary Games' Adventure Path Plug-Ins supplement and enrich your campaign experience, offering adventures and supporting products that incorporate and expanding upon unique concepts, themes, and rules subsystems introduced in the Adventure Paths while filling in the background characters, items, and locations that make those adventures come alive in delightful (and often dangerous) detail. Legendary Games combines stellar writing talent with innovative layout and product design and top-notch artistic values that we think will bring you back again and again.

Download includes FOUR files: a full color version AND a stripped black and white version for easy printing, and by popular demand both files are available in classic vertical (portrait) orientation as well as our legendary horizontal (landscape) orientation.

Check out this 25-page adventure and Make Your Game Legendary!

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 6 ratings)

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You could make an Anime of this adventure, and it would rock!


Long before there was a Technology Guide or an Iron Gods adventure path, Legendary Games launched this innovative adventure in their Far East product line. As to not spoil anything, I’ll make it short. Imagine you put in a blender sword and sorcery, sci-fi, and chambara, the result might not be a good one, unless you are Legendary Games. One of their very first products, this adventure has everything I love: Pathfinder, martial arts, ninjas and creepy monsters, all in an unknown, alien background. It is one of my favorite adventures ever, perfect as a one-shot or part of a longer campaign (like the Jade Regent adventure path). It is nice to see what LG did with Pathfinder when it was much younger, and the Legendary team was just starting. I would love to see a revisited version of this adventure, but it is one you can make yourself. I offer 5 cyber-stars of destiny.

Greatly enjoyed by my players!

****( )

I just finished running this plug-in for my JR group, and they all said how much they enjoyed this mini-adventure (even though they got completely bamboozled by the mis-direct).
It's an extremely well-crafted little tale, and it's very nice to have a plug-in by the same (great) author as the surrounding AP chapter. The climactic combat is extemely tough, but will be one of those which is remembered fondly by the group as a highlight of the campaign. And the treasure at the end will make the side-trek even more worthwhile.
Physically, the product is appealing: art, maps, and layout are all impressive for this price. There is one full page piece of art which interrupts the flow of the related chapter of the adventure - a minor quibble.
My only hesitation in rating this 5 stars us that GM's should be aware that their groups may find the sf aspects jarring. So try to ensure your players don't mind a little high-quality peanut butter in their chocolate.

A fun trip

****( )

While I didn't use this adventure as written I did use a lot of material from it for my JR campaign. This is a great side trek if you and your players are looking to get your SF into your fantasy. Highly recommended eitehr as a written adventure or for a resource to plunder.

5 stars + seal - Legendary module, better than most full-blown ones


The first adventure path-plug-in by Legendary Games for the Jade Regent adventure path is 25 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page ToC, 1 page introduction, 1 page bios, 1 page SRD, 1 page back cover, leaving 18 pages of content, so let's check this out!

This being an adventure-review, the following contains SPOILERS. Potential players might wish to jump to the conclusion.

All right, still here?
This plug-in to the Jade Regent AP is, as a short glimpse at the page-count shows, not only longer than the modules for Carrion Crown, it also is rather interesting. Anyone halfway versed in Sword & Sorcery literature knows about the concept of Hyperborean cultures - far-developed cultures located in remote regions, often worshipping strange deities and/or having access to magic powers/futuristic technologies far beyond the capabilities of the rest of the world. Well, this pdf sees the caravan stumble across exactly such a locale and offers some respite from managing the caravan.

From the very first glances, we realize that this area might be bad news - strange blue metal speaks tales of a weird city hidden at the top of the world and once the PCs start exploring the tunnels leading into the isolated city - betwixt amid strange machinery, blue metal and strange tubes, the PCs will have to fight for their lives against degenerate morlocks feeding off force magic and their effects as well as brave the strange clockwork sentinels, only to emerge in the outskirts of the cyclopean city from the bunker and come out of the refrigerator and into the freezer: If strange moon flowers, force morlocks and similar strange beings aren't strange enough, there also is a mayor complication at hand:

A thief named Miriya, legendary acquirer of the white peacock crown, has escaped to this forsaken place to evade her eternal pursuers, a troupe of Oni honor-bound to reclaim the artifact. To make matters of exploration more complicated, the last survivor of the oni-hunting party has impersonated Miriya and seeks to trick the adventurers into doing his dirty work by serving them with a clever lie: Miriya is not the woman she once was, having been changed by a strange machinery found in the ruins into an immortal lifespark construct and thus also commander of some of the strange clockwork beings. Still free-willed and at the same time less and more than human, the ninja could make for a deadly adversary of a valuable ally - while unable to accompany the PCs or damage the origin of the weird constructs, her knowledge of the ruins could help them. If they see through the oni's bluff and have no problem trusting a thief that has been turned into a strange eldritch cyborg-like machine.

The showdown in the manufactory that changed Miriya is mind-boggling - fighting the now fast-zombified other onis while navigating conveyor-belts is a challenge the PCs will long talk about - especially with the Cyborg processor as a boss - mechanically an advanced musk-creeper with construct traits, the machinery is perhaps one of the coolest reskins/redesigns I've seen of a creature in quite some time. Have I mentioned all the traps that the clockwork servants can spring on the PCs or the fact that the peacock crown, the price for all these perils, can be enhanced by replacing its gems?
Or the fact that the PCs have multiple chances to harvest the strange artifacts for resources for their caravan? Or the epilogue, which explains how to deal with the potential loose ends thsi module leaves us with?

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches apart from one superfluous "the adventure path"-sentence fragment at the end of a sentence. Layout adheres to Legendary Games' 2-column landscape standard in full color and the pdf is available as a portrait version as well, though I haven't got that one. The pdf comes in two versions, with one omitting the background and both come fully bookmarked. The artworks by Tim Kings-Lynne are stellar and up to Paizo-standard, even surpassing several of Paizo's artworks and Timothy Wickham's cartography is on par with legends like Jonathan Roberts in beauty and iconicity. It should be noted that there are a LOT of these drop-dead gorgeous maps and artworks herein, lavishly illustrating the pdf and covering each and every locale and even providing an awesome vista of the city, an artwork of the crown and the final fight area. What jars me, though, is the fact that there's no way to eliminate letters and numbers from the maps to make them truly player-friendly and workable as a handout.

The module herein is, let me spell it out, AWESOME. Dripping iconicity, you can make the sci-fi elements as pronounced or as downplayed as you wish - whether it be eldritch machinery, a link to the Dark Tapestry: The customization options are extremely varied and the locale ranks among the most iconic I've seen in any PFRPG-module, making me sincerely regret that exploration of the ruins is not a full-blown 100+pages mega-module. The links with Jade Regent are there, though not so pronounced as to make this only a viable purchase for Jade Regent-DMs. In fact, I whole-heartedly recommend this pdf for any DM seeking for a truly distinct side-trek that can be truly considered INSPIRATIONAL. Ambitious. Beautiful. All of that and so much more. This is one of the hands down best short modules released for PFRPG and even amps up the quality when compared to Legendary Games' offerings so far. My final verdict will thus clock in at 5 stars, but I'll omit my seal of approval due to the lack of player-friendly versions of the map. I really hope we'll get either a layered version of the maps (so we can turn of the numbers and letters ourselves) or separate versions, since this is the only blemish of a product that is in any other regard...well, Legendary.

Endzeitgeist out.

great sidequest


very much enjoyed this side quest. my group loved what it added to the story and the fact that they ultimately DIDNT have to take it making them feel less railroaded.

but of course they spent 2 or 3 sessions exploring it and in the end had a great time.

lots of room for any good GM to make tweaks and modifications to fit it into your story without loosing any of the over all intent built in.

if I had to find a negative it would be the CR levels of some of the monsters being faced. but the monsters themselves are entertaining to battle and should not be impossibly difficult for a good group to overcome with only one or two characters dipping bellow 0 for a great thrill.

Great battles, awesome role play opportunities and wonderful back story make this highly recommended.
Highly recommended.

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