In One's Blood (PFRPG)

****½ (based on 2 ratings)
In One's Blood (PFRPG)

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In One's Blood (PFRPG)

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    The In One's Blood Preview includes:
  • 3 new sorcerer bloodlines: Ooze, Plant, and Vermin
  • 9 new spells, such as cloud of stingers and ooze shape
  • 1 new monster: the dreaded behemoth pudding

The for-sale edition of In One's Blood will include more arcane goodness, adding Aquatic, Divine, Giant, and Psychic bloodlines, more spells, et cetera.

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****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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A nice selection of bloodlines and cool spells

****( )

My review won't fit, see the product discussion.

Solid & Unpretentious


Twenty two pages of gaming material with minimal but tasteful art. It has a bunch of options for the Sorcerer that are well thought out and pretty balanced.

I think my favourite is the Giant Bloodline because it made me think of so many hulking heroes. The aquatic stuff, both bloodline & spells, would add a lot to any coastal or underwater story arc.
I know I'm going to use some of these to make NPCs because the players WONT expect them.

Look at the list - there's a lot of stuff here.
You know we needed a spell called "Release the Kraken!"

Its well written and doesn't pretend to be the only PDF in your library.

It also costs less than bus fare.

What's not to like?