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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Paper Minis—Shattered Star Adventure Path Part 1: "Shards of Sin" PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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This set contains over 100 key NPCs and monsters for "Shards of Sin," part one of the Shattered Star Adventure Path!

A rookie Pathfinder Society agent has to start somewhere, and you'll be hot on the trail of a rogue agent, but the going isn't going to be easy! You'll be facing off against mites and their verminous allies in some of the most wretched holes in Magnimar—but that's all in a day's work for a member of the Pathfinder Society!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Abyssal larva< (Large)
  • Amazing Zograthy, male human expert
  • Atlatia, female derro (Small)
  • Ayala Javeski, female human fighter/rogue
  • Ayala Javeski, female wererat fighter/rogue
  • Ayala Javeski, female dire rat
  • Bat swarm (Large)
  • Baz, male accuser devil
  • Caedimus, male derro (Small)
  • Cave moray (2)
  • Centipede swarm (Large)
  • Clickylegs, cave fisher
  • Clockwork servant
  • Cyvis, male goblin snake
  • Darkmantle
  • Devil, imp (Tiny) (2)
  • Devil, lemure (2)
  • Devil, nupperibo (3)
  • Donkey rat (Small) (2)
  • Elemental, fire (Small) (2)
  • Fenster the Blight, male human fighter/rogue
  • Fleshdreg (3)
  • Giant amoeba (2)
  • Giant black widow spider (Large)
  • Giant crab spider (Small) (4)
  • Giant spider (3)
  • Giant water spider (3)
  • Giant worker ant (5)
  • Golem, carrion
  • Hell hound
  • Homonculus (Tiny) (2)
  • Human skeleton (6)
  • Karisa Kemandandus, female human rogue
  • Karisa Kemandandus, female wererat rogue
  • Karisa Kemandandus, female dire rat
  • Kasadei, female human fighter
  • Khrysm, female derro alchemist
  • Koriah Azmeren, female half-elf fighter
  • Lockerbie Brast, male lacedon rogue
  • Mite (Small) (8)
  • Natalya Vancaskerkin, female human rogue/sorcerer
  • Ooze, gray
  • Plutivarch Dremis, male human sorcerer
  • Portioque, male derro (Small)
  • Pugwampi (Tiny) (2)
  • Reefclaw (Small) (2)
  • Sasha Vidaxus, female human rogue
  • Sasha Vidaxus, female wererat rogue
  • Sasha Vidaxus, female dire rat
  • Sewer goblin (Small) (6)
  • Sheila Heidmarch, female human fighter/monk
  • Shriezyx (2)
  • Sinspawn, wrathspawn
  • Sinspawn, aquatic wrathspawn (3)
  • Stink, variant lemure
  • Stirge (Tiny) (2)
  • Suzerain of Little Erebus (Tiny), male imp
  • Tower Girl (4), female human rogue
  • Tzrisha Skiloni, female human rogue
  • Varisian thug, human warrior (3)
  • Zuuga, male mite (Small)

Artwork by Todd Westcot.

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Perfect as always


I've become a huge fan of Todd's paper minis sets, as I've used them for my Serpent's Skull campaign. The huge benefit of this (and other paper sets) is that you get EVERYTHING you'd ever need to run the adventure inside the PDF.

I'll be starting up a Shattered Star game shortly, and I won't lie by saying that the quality of these minis was part of what led me to pick Shattered Star (along with the awesome AP itself).

Looking forward to collecting the set as they come out!

a better experience


so this is my first time using paper minis. These guys are totally worth the price. Sure beats the hell out of my old monster tokens. The art works really well with the rest of the campaign material, this set really enhances the playing experience. Gift Certificates
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