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GROMM—Fantasy Skirmish: Basic Edition, Mark II PDF

GROMM—Fantasy Skirmish: Basic Edition, Mark II PDF

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You are about to enter a world of darkness, peril and total damnation; a world where nations battle for survival and for the conquest of the world. GROMM: Fantasy Skirmish is a miniatures skirmish game of small-scale battles in a war-torn world where several nations battle for total domination. The Arcadian Empire, ruled with an iron fist by what the outside world sees as a true champion, a king of noble heritage, but what the nation of Arcadia sees in Forec Mannheim, is a vicious dictator who is ruthless and uses his Inquisition and the Church to slaughter and bend the will of all who disagree. The nation of Pajan, ruled by Mitsunari Ishida leads their warriors into battle against the likes of the Western Wastes, the Northern Beastmen and the Ullarian Overlords. This world is not big enough for all eight great nations; which of these will you side with? The fate of your kingdom rests with you.

This latest edition of GROMM: Fantasy Skirmish brings new rules to the game, changes up the way you play and provides you with everything you need to play the game. Army lists for all eight nations are provided as well as basic counters and roster sheets. The game is presented in a clear format, with gorgeous artwork and also provides you with 3 scenarios.

This new basic edition is leading up to the upcoming Die Hard Edition of GROMM, complete with new additions to the game, like spellcasters, unique heroes and much more! Further expansions include the release of faction decks which will provide all of the information needed for each and every faction in the game; booster packs will provide you with new sub-factions, campaigns and new and exciting spellcasters an spells for your games of GROMM: Fantasy Skirmish!

For more on GROMM, check us out online at: and

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