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Secrets of the Synod Horrenda: Undead Creatures and Constructs (PFRPG) PDF

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An Unflinching Examination of Forbidden Knowledge

In this book, you will learn about 31 new and terrible monsters, including the following:

  • Necromantic golems, intelligent golems created by combining material from dead creatures with wicked spirits from the Netherworld. They can be mighty servants and soldiers, but keep a careful eye on them, lest they escape your control…
  • The pretas, a bizarre class of undead spirits that can possess the bodies of the living or the dead, plants, and even inanimate objects.
  • Rare and terrible varieties of nightshade, undead abominations so powerful that they can lay waste to entire worlds.
  • You will also meet the necrohusk, the withered and insane remnant of a necromancer who delved too deeply into the dark arts; the masaan, formed from the dying breaths of hundreds of plague victims; and the gashadokuro, a colossal nightmare formed from the bones of those who suffered violent deaths.
  • And most importantly, this book reveals the secret methods of creating many of the creatures described within!
You are cordially invited to attend the dreaded Synod Horrenda, and learn about the most powerful and dangerous secrets without fear or hindrance. Observe the secrets that have long been whispered of in only the darkest shadows.

The honored Brothers and Sisters of the Synod welcome you with open arms and open minds!

Read this book if you can, and if you dare!

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