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Every town has its characters, and we've returned twice to the coastal town of Sandpoint in the Rise of the Runelords and Jade Regent Adventure Paths! Round out any urban encounter or barroom brawl with the townsfolk in this set, or have every miniature you need for any Sandpoint encounter!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Abstalar Zantus
  • Aesrick Battlehorn
  • Aliver Podiker
  • Alma Avertin
  • Ameiko Kaijitsu
  • Aneka Avertin
  • Arika Avertin
  • Banny Harker
  • Belor Hemlock
  • Belven Valdemar
  • Besk Magravi
  • Bilivar Wheen
  • Brodert Quink
  • Cat
  • Chask Haladan
  • Chod Bevuk
  • Chicken (2)
  • Chopper's ghost
  • Courrin Whesterwill
  • Cyrdak Drokkus
  • Das Korvut
  • Daviren Hosk
  • Dog
  • Donkey (Large)
  • Ethram Valdemar
  • Garridan Viskalai
  • Gaven Deverin
  • Gorvi
  • Gressel Teniwar
  • Hannah Velerin
  • Hayliss Korvaski
  • Horse (Large)
  • Ihor Thorn
  • Ilsoari Gandethus
  • Jargie Quinn
  • Jasper Korvaski
  • Jesk Berinni
  • Jubrayl Vhiski
  • Katrine Vinder
  • Kaye Tesarani
  • Kendra Deverin
  • Lanalee Magravi
  • Larz Rovanky
  • Lonjiku Kaijitsu
  • Maver Kesk
  • Murdermaw (Large)
  • Naffer Vosk
  • Nisk Tander
  • Niska Mvashti
  • Olmur Danvakus
  • Pennae Kesk
  • Pig (2)
  • Risa Magravi
  • Rusty Dragon bouncer (3)
  • Rynshim Povalli
  • Sabyl
  • Savah Bevaniky
  • Shayliss Vinder
  • Sheep (2)
  • Solsta Vinder
  • Titus Scarnetti
  • Townsfolk, female (4)
  • Townsfolk, female child
  • Townsfolk, male (4)
  • Townsfolk, male child
  • Turch Sterglus
  • Vachedi
  • Ven Vinder
  • Veznutt Parooh
  • Vodger Magravi
  • Volioker Briskalberd
  • Vorah Wheen
  • Vorvashali Voon

Artwork by Callous Jack.

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Our Price: $4.99

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***** (based on 5 ratings)

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A little small

****( )

Maybe I’m just a perfectionist but while the artwork on these minis is awesome I found the size to be small in comparison with other paper minis. The price is right at 4.99 and the time to put them all together isn’t too bad I think it took me about 4 hours to make them all. It is great to have so many towns people to fill up a town square.

Long Overdue Review


This is by far the most useful set of paper minis that has been put out. Very rarely can you find, just the average townsfolk. I utilize this and will continue to do so in EVERY Campaign I run. The art is fantastic and truth be told I wont purchase a paper mini set unless its from Callous Jack. Unbelievably detailed for the Sandpoint setting and incredibly versatile in its use in ANY other RPG setting. Incredible work giving us what we desire Paizo!

Definately worth getting


Okay, I'll start by saying that this product isn't as cost effective as it first appears, once you start taking into account the cost of colour ink. Having said that, I'm still giving this product 5 starts for the following reasons:

  • The artwork is great on this one - kudos to Callous Jack
  • My initial trepidation in purchasing this was that all the cutting and glueing would be time consuming, but with a good craft knife and glue dispenser they are quite quick to get together.
  • Most of these figures simply aren't available elsewhere. I have the full set of RotRL Battles minis, but I'm still going to be supplementing them with these.
  • There is a wide varity of figues. You can fill up the Town Square and make it feel like a dense crowd, and still have so few duplicates that they aren't even worth mentioning.
  • These figures are generic enough that they have use beyond RotRL or Jade Regent. Anytime you need a random NPC, there is probably a figure in this set that will do the job.

All in all, this product is worth getting. It's a must have for the opening scene of RotRL, but it's a handy resource even if you aren't planning to play the AP.

Awesome product - A must buy for RotR Masters


All previously reported errors have been solved and also Barett family (for Monster in the closet) have been added.
I have counted slightly less than one hundred different paper minis...

A must be for every GM especially if you are going, like me, to play this on Virtual Tables...

Pathfinder Paper Minis—Sandpoint Townsfolk PDF review


Just started using this set to support Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition and love them so far. The are is more realistic and less cartoony than some of the other sets I've downloaded. A wide variety of figures give you an option for almost any NPC or peasant you could need. Errors corrected and score review to reflect.
Highs: Variety, characters added with update, Livestock!
All-in-all a good set and worth the cost 8 pages of figures.