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Psionic Items of Legend: Disruptor (PFRPG) PDF

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Legendary items are those that are picked up by the untested adventurers who eventually become heroes of the ages. Unlike traditional magical items, legendary items grow with the wielder, becoming more advanced as new abilities are unlocked over time. Dreamscarred Press kicks off its new product line, Psionic Items of Legend, with Disruptor, Shield of the Mind Slayer, a crystalline shield used by soulknives.

Within this short book you will find the history of Disruptor, the requirements to attune a character to it, and the abilities of the shield. In addition, the rules of legendary items are detailed.

Psionic Items of Legend is based upon the Legendary Treasures series of products by Purple Duck Games.

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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3.5 stars - Solid antipsi crystal shield

***( )( )

This pdf is 5 pages long, 1 page editorial/introduction, 1 page SRD, leaving 3 pages of content, so let's take a look!

Taking the awesome concept pioneered by Purple Duck Games, his supplement provides us with a legendary weapon, i.e. a weapon that improves with the level of the wielder and requires the wielder to have certain requisites. The shield is a crystalline shield that makes the wielder a deadly force to be reckoned with and a bane to other manifesters - blocking rays, evasion, even absorbing powers that hit the wielder and even spontaneous dispel psionic assaults on the wielder every 3 rounds.

The pdf also features the crystalline grip armor quality.

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. Layout adheres to a 2-column, no-frills b/w-standard and the one piece of b/w-artwork depicting the shield is nice. The pdf has no bookmarks, but at this length doesn't necessarily need them. This micro-pdf provides us with a nice legendary weapon that transforms one of my favorite concepts to the realm of psionics, so what could go wrong? Not much, but honestly, I'm somewhat disappointed. The theme of the anti-psi-item is rather old and the disruptor does not necessarily bring something truly ingenious or new to the table. The item and its clichéd backstory are rock-solid, even mechanically sound, but it just failed to touch me when compared to some of the narratives Purple Duck Games' recent installments offered. Since there is nothing wrong with the pdf per se, I'll thus settle for a final verdict of 3.5 stars, rounded down to 3 for the purpose of this platform and hope for more courageous and unique items in the series.

Endzeitgeist out. Gift Certificates
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