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Zsezse's World #1: The Hunter's House Download

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We hope that this map, hopefully used with the other parts of the “Zsezse’s World” set, will help lead you through an interesting group of adventures and lend a little extra excitement to your game, whether gaming online or sitting around a table with your friends.

In the folder of this product you’ll find PDF files, these files include our descriptions of the map which should give you some plot ideas as a GM. You’ll also find the large maps broken into pages which should make printing of the map easier.

These PDF files include layers as well.

This means if you need 1” grid lines for your game, just turn on the grid layer and you can print the whole map with visible squares. Turn them off, and it will look like an overhead picture.

Our maps are made for 1 inch based figures, where one inch = 5 feet.

In the other folders, you can find poster sized .jpg images. You may use them for Online Virtual Tabletop programs or to print in poster size on a press.

This set contains the following:

  • A large map with the hunter's house and its environment broken into pages
  • Loft, cellar, and roof - poster sized color jpg images

Image format: Base size: 24x24 inch, 200 dpi, U.S Letter, PDF with layers

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