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Way of the Wicked—Book #2: Call Forth Darkness (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 9 ratings)

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The Horn of Abaddon was once a place of primal darkness. And then the forces of good moved in and ruined everything. It’s been eighty years and the kingdom of Talingarde sleeps soundly knowing that darkness has been vanquished. Now, it’s your turn to prove them wrong.

You will find the lost temple and do what no one else has ever dared. You will call forth the banished daemon prince. And from his unholy hand, you will recover a plague so virulent that it shall shake Talingarde to its foundations.

And then the fools will sleep no longer.

Welcome to the second chapter of the “Way of the Wicked” adventure path! Inside you’ll find:

  • “Call Forth Darkness,” an adventure compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game for 6th-level villains by Gary McBride
  • Full color art and maps by Michael Clarke
  • A gazetteer of the frontier town of Farholde
  • Optional rules for building your own evil organization and managing your minions.
  • Advice for crafting unique variants of this adventure path
  • And more!

You’ve raided countless dungeons. Isn’t it time you had a horrid little dungeon of your own?

A 106-page full color Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible PDF perfect to either stand alone or continue the "Way of the Wicked" adventure path. Includes a printer friendly version and seperate player handout PDF.

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Grand Lodge

Last night's session:
Not everyone was at the session last night. Unfortunately, the flu is definitely a thing during the winter.

The game started with the summoner being given access to the consorts, should he want them. Zikomo took the party around each of the different caverns, and were confused when I had them making engineering checks and letting them know what security measures could be put up and what weren't already made. It was then that the cleric happened upon the incredibly narrow passageway that led to the fallen cultist leader. Being much too large to fit in, they greased up Kiliketz and sent him in. He came back with the pack and told them what he saw. They went through and found the ritual book. It was then that they read the excerpt and realized why I'd been explaining things they way I had. A long, audible groan came from a third of them as they figured out The Horn was going to be their lair for at least 222 days. They were not happy. One argued that they had enough minions that they could just leave and do their own thing while the rest of them held the fort. It was brought up that Thorn probably wouldn't like that, and should the Horn be attacked there'd be no way to properly defend it. Only one person seemed to like the enjoy the idea of defending a lair.

They continued looking throughout the lower cavern, finding the mud pit and empty chest, as well as the secret door that led them upstairs.

Reaching the first floor, they looked over the throne and tried the word, but were shocked when nothing happened. They're currently running with the idea that a blood sacrifice needs to happen before the throne will activate. Why? Because cultists love blood and everything must be related to that, no exceptions. Even if that's not the case, they still seem poised to do a blood sacrifice for effect and thematic reasons.

The night ended with them splitting off, after coming to the conclusion that there's no encounters to be had. One group came across the minotaur body, the other found the way out. They eventually converged and they stopped in the laboratory looking at the alchemical golem. Two of them are practically drooling.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The second floor:
Last night saw the party finishing off the first floor, drooling over the alchemical golem, and checking out the second floor. The cleric found the secret password for the throne and decided to sit there and try different letters of the alphabet, replaying the "y" in "yah". Needless to say he found himself in the secret area, the first floor, and the second floor. Thankfully the third floor had a different set of letters altogether or he could have been in trouble.

They were able to decipher all of the murals and the figure out everything else they needed. The cleric and wizard were successful in dispelling the Mitra shrine, so now they do not have a place to hide from the undead should they need to.

The session ended with the party being ambushed by the oozes as they entered the room, but they managed to escape before being engulfed. They're thinking of leaving them for possible adventurers to deal with.

Next time, the third floor, and maybe even the top. We'll have to see.

Grand Lodge

The third floor:
The party split up, and figured they'd meet one another at the third floor, which turned out to definitely not be the case. Party A went up the spiral staircase and came into the room with Hexor and Vexor. While the daemons were about to fight, the wizard and summoner managed to diplomacy their way out of combat and mention that they were coming to free Vetra-Kali. The daemons stayed unmoving, but still threatened that the party was lying, they would be disemboweled. The party said that once their other half had arrived, they would show the deamons that they were telling the truth and would prove it soon enough. It became quite apparent though that there was no secret exit nor doorway out of the area that they were in, and weren't sure how to meet up with the others. After the wizard talked with the daemons regarding other entrances, he managed to sneak out of them the fact that Ezra was lurking about. It was then that they decided to head back down just in case the dread wraith showed up.

Party B, on the other hand, went up the mountain. When they came in, they avoided the trap, not knowing that it couldn't be triggered until afterwards, skipped the four doors in the main hall, and went straight to the temple. There, they all failed the Will save and ran back down to the second level.

When both parties met up, they exchanged info, and all went up the side of the mountain. This time they checked each side room before heading inside the temple, including the "throne" room. Again, the previous members of the party failed their saves, but this time they ran to the chair and teleported out (secret chamber, 1st floor, and 2nd floor). The wizard and summoner figured out how to bypass the image and called out the password. After laughing at the others, they told them how the password worked. The cleric found the secret door to the treasure vault. There, they all started to go through the items and fill their individual haversacks. They soon realized they had more treasure than room in their packs. That's when they noticed they weren't alone, but instead surrounded by four wraiths, including Ezra. They bowed and fed Ezra's ego, hoping to gain his mercy or at least a stay of execution, telling him their plans. He admitted he knew some of why they were there thanks to his new wraiths being previous knot members. He told them that he cared nothing for the treasure and that the party was more than welcome to use it to beef up the security measures.

Next time, they go and meet up with the elemental guarding the highest chamber. Grumblejack is going to get so thirsty when he reaches that level. Can't wait to see their faces.

Grand Lodge

Regarding Ezra:
Okay, so most of us have been giving Gary a hard time with Ezra, and how the CR 13 dread wraith from the Witchwar Legacy module is the way to go for an actual dread wraith. However, he wasn't completely wrong. It was just his execution that wasn't right. He missed something very important in the bestiary.

Dread Wraith:
A wraith that exists for long enough and feeds on enough life force undergoes an unholy transformation, becoming a creature known as a dread wraith. This causes the wraith to increase in size and strength, and to inflict 2d6 points of negative energy damage and 1d8 Constitution drain with its incorporeal touch. You can create a dread wraith by applying the giant and advanced simple templates, or you can increase the basic wraith to a Large 16 HD undead.

Gary added the two templates, but never properly updated the damage output. He only adjusted it for the large size. Also, it should be noted that the two templates makes Ezra CR 7, not 6. As well, Ezra should have +2 HD, giving him an additional feat and increasing his monster ability DCs by +1. As for the feat, probably Weapon Focus (incorporeal touch) or Combat Reflexes. Depends on how hard it is to hit the touch AC of your PCs.
That said, I can see why he went with CR 6, as the giant template gives a bonus to Str and Con, and a penalty to Dex, and incorporeal creatures can't make use of two of the stats. If you stay with CR 6, still increase the damage output as per the bestiary boost, and just increase the HD by +1 instead of +2. Something to consider, regardless.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In my campaign the Wraiths terrified the players , despite the fact that the stats for them had not been changed much from the module and they were not very tough.
At the point a day before the players expected the wraiths to betray them (and in fact the day before the scheduled betrayal) they hit them with scrolls of Deathward, Undead to death and a signifigant other over investment in specialist incorporeal creature killing magical stuff and annihlated them in a single round , sometimes the name inspires enough fear to significantly effect player behaviour

Grand Lodge

We didn't do much, but we were finally able to play again. The last couple of times we tried there major blizzards that kept us from getting to the game, and it had to be called off. Canada's scary when it wants to be. Unfortunately, while it didn't matter in the long run, only three of us were able to make it (technically four, but she was babysitting-we had it at her place), as one has now got a job out West for the duration of winter/spring and the other got called into work.

The things that happened:
During the night, the assassin snuck out of the sleeping area they had cleaned up, and used the chairs to teleport out and visit the lush green area near the secret entrance and looked around for some flowers. (He's currently trying to court the female monk of the party and both players are having a blast with this story progression.) While easily finding flowers, and even figuring out which ones would be used for a courting ritual thanks to the tawdry books he's been gathering from various Talinguarde soldiers over the course of the adventure (we assume to the not unlike your standard romance novels with Fabio on the front), he found out first hand that the rumours of giant creatures in the Caer Bryr were not just that. Thankfully do to some quick thinking, and some readied action teleporting, he was able to dodge the creature and escape back into the secret chamber with the chair and get back to everyone unscathed.

The playing group came back to Farholde and did some reconnaissance while the others stayed back to make magic items and fix the alchemical golem. They met back up with the White Ravens and learned a few things. The one they're going to implement next session is framing adventurers and getting them booted. They are also still looking for someone that should have the same blood coursing through their veins as someone who would have been part of the original cultists.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Pawns Subscriber

I have searched the board and can't find any reference to a question so here it is. Did I miss something? In Act 3 there is an Event 15 and an Event 17 & 18 which are both optional. What happened to Event 16? Was the Quiet Month suppose to be Event 16? Or was Event 17 & 18 assigned the wrong numbers? Just wondering as I prepare everything I need to run the campaign.

Grand Lodge

Zindrel wrote:
I have searched the board and can't find any reference to a question so here it is. Did I miss something? In Act 3 there is an Event 15 and an Event 17 & 18 which are both optional. What happened to Event 16? Was the Quiet Month suppose to be Event 16? Or was Event 17 & 18 assigned the wrong numbers? Just wondering as I prepare everything I need to run the campaign.

I think it's two parts: 1) the quiet month is supposed to be an event, but it's not just listed, or 2) there's a space left in there just in case you want to add in your own events. For some tables an event as already shoved in there a while ago (reverents of previous foes dead come back to take on the PCs, the Minion Quest arc from Book 7, the side quests at the back of the book, etc).

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I never noticed, but you are right there is no event 16. Either the quite week should have that label or something got cut in editing.
Plenty of room to add more events if you want anyway

Grand Lodge

Unfortunately, I've got nothing relevant to post this week for our game. My guys are overthinking things. Two sessions of information gathering and getting frustrated that there's no "easy" button. They've essentially hired the first two adventuring groups to come with them, despite the fact that the 7th Knot is trying to stop adventurers from getting anywhere near the Horn. The group just shrugs and respond with "Oh well. If anyone disappears, we'll just change faces with the hats, and kill even more adventurers." They're not doing anything with the Horn until it's 100% fortified. Considering the original plan was to have all adventurers ran out of town, they've shocked me with their 180 turn of becoming murder hobos. Not really sure how to go with this. I just know that I'm starting to lose interest.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32

My group had a similar phase so I just gave them a few hooks. I guess they're more used to plots than to sandbox. We did quite a few of the outside encounters and I scaled back the whole fortification mini-game. After a month of stone shapes there weren't many entrances any more anyway!

They had fun with various critters, and then the party with a boat got slaughtered and had a map. X marks the spot - their boat. Another X was the dungeon from the start of Eyes of the Lich Queen, though I bumped the black dragons to Orichalcum ones. They had a blast as the module is for 5th level and they were 7th - they steamed through most of it in one go, then finished it without a rest though that was tough. As a reward I let each of them have a Least Dragonmark. Being evil the fights against undead were much different - and that helped them appreciate their characters.

Maybe they fancy a spot of classic dungeoneering is what I'm saying :)

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32

My turn

- we've just paused the last fight before the final ritual. Instead of the Sons of Balentyne, Sir Richard is accompanied by a different party - my groups PCs from about ten years ago, summoned by a miracle!

I wrote a little interlude with a Sister from the convent arriving down south, and then Sir Richard and a clerical type discussing the next step. The archivist type said it was time for direct action and dusted off a scroll from deep in the repository. "A Miracle of Mitra..."

Cue a few weeks of their speculating what sort of angel would be sent, and utter shock when their favourite (very tweaked) characters of yesteryear appeared!

"We are SO screwed!"

My question, though, is - what next?
They are wondering about their third "wish" and busy being lawyerly about the first ones. "Here is your eye - you must first promise not to harm, or through inaction allow harm to come to any worshipper of Asmodeus, even through the Tears or any other disease."

If something is too difficult for V-K would he explain the limits of his power and ask again? As a third wish they've also suggested "Go to the capital city and kill any you find there..."

Which I don't think the Cardinal would approve of.

Has anyone any ideas?

Grand Lodge

carborundum wrote:

My group had a similar phase so I just gave them a few hooks. I guess they're more used to plots than to sandbox. We did quite a few of the outside encounters and I scaled back the whole fortification mini-game. After a month of stone shapes there weren't many entrances any more anyway!

They had fun with various critters, and then the party with a boat got slaughtered and had a map. X marks the spot - their boat. Another X was the dungeon from the start of Eyes of the Lich Queen, though I bumped the black dragons to Orichalcum ones. They had a blast as the module is for 5th level and they were 7th - they steamed through most of it in one go, then finished it without a rest though that was tough. As a reward I let each of them have a Least Dragonmark. Being evil the fights against undead were much different - and that helped them appreciate their characters.

Maybe they fancy a spot of classic dungeoneering is what I'm saying :)

I'm not leveling them unless they do certain key things so they can grind all they want, they're not going to level up.

As for your group, have them make Intelligence checks. The higher the number, the more stuff you can tell them about what's a good and bad idea. If they fail, then they might just fall on their faces and end the campaign early.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I gave the pc's a whole list of other things they could do. I also made sure they started the ritual straight away as Thorne had no patience for massive preperation before they started, after all if the senior people in Taqlingarde found out what was going on no Fortification the pc's could set up would keep out the King and his personal guard.

They were happy to let the 7th handle adventurers in town but also started their own agents watching the 7th. One of the key things was making sure they did not try and play through every hour and every day, instead basically on a weekly basis they decided which pc's and which cohorts would be at the base and which would be off looking for other stuff, or talking with the Baron etc. Like you I fixed the level up points so the exploration etc was just for loot and fun. This ended up being the longest part of the campaign.

My list of legends (most are items or bits of AP from Paixo modules)


Nine Places of Legend in Talingarde

The Lost Island of Taane-thak Lvl 14+
The Yutak tell a tale of a lost island surrounded by
dangerous rocks in the far north. The island, it is said, is
the home of a tribe of frost giants led by a powerful giant
sorceress known in stories as Taane-Thak or She without
Mercy. Thanks to a curse lain upon them by good Talirean
wizard centuries ago, the frost giants sleep in their
hidden halls of ice appearing now to be little more than
frozen statues.
If someone could brave the breakwaters of the island
and solve the ancient wizard’s riddle it may be possible
to free Taane-Thak and coerce her into servitude. Can
you imagine servants more powerful than vengeful frost
giants and their merciless ice queen? Can you also imagine
servants more fickle and likely to betray you?
The Barrow of the First King Lvl 12+
Somewhere in the south, long lost and forgotten is
the barrow of the first Talirean king. He reigned centuries
ago when the first settlers came to the island. Still,
he was said to be a great ruler and was buried with the
wealth of his ancient kingdom.
Surely this must be a legend. How could the barrow
have gone so long and still not be discovered? Still, if
it could be discovered it was said that the First King revered
all the gods and kept powerful relics to remind him
of their power. If that is true, then among his treasures
there must be a relic consecrated to Asmodeus. Imagine
what that relic could mean in our villains’ hands?
The Children of the White Spider Lvl 12+
The barbaric Iraen tribesmen of the Caer Bryr whisper
tales of a lost valley in the heart of the trackless forest
inhabited by giant spiders wise enough to speak. These
spiders call themselves the Skis’raal and though they are
not evil per se, they are utterly alien and hostile to any
who invade their hidden domain.
These spiders are fanatically devoted to a female
priesthood of white spiders capable of using divine magic.
Supposedly these white sisters worship a mysterious
demigoddess known as the Queen in White.
The truth of this legend is only conjecture. Still, if
the Queen in White could be found, it is said cryptically
whispered whoever controls her blood controls her
brood. Imagine if the PCs could crack that riddle and
take control of an army of giant spiders!
The Mead Hall of the Ice Elven King lvl 12+
A powerful elven lord, tales relate, dwells somewhere
in the savage north and if you can find his hidden mead
hall you will find a true refuge amidst the endless snow.
The Lord it is said is a kindly soul who eagerly trades
space in his haven for a fine tale.
The truth is somewhat more sinister. While the mead
hall is real, it is now a ruin inhabited by a powerful banshee
who mourns her lost love. The elven lord is along
ago murdered and betrayed . Still, if the banshee could
be defeated, she guards the long dead king’s trappings
including his jeweled crown and enchanted sword.
The Lost Ansgarian Mine lvl 10+
Today the dwarves of Talingarde maintain few strongholds
in the great Ansgar mountain range that runs the
island’s length. They prefer to dwell in the cities of men
where food is plentiful and the weather more forgiving.
Still, once the Ansgar mountains were home to a thriving
dwarven culture now all but forgotten.
Dwarven tales speak of a secret dwarven mine of
mithral that the dwarven kings guarded so jealously that
none was allowed to enter there unless they submitted to
powerful magic that erased memory of the mine’s location.
Thus when the last dwarven king died heirless centuries
ago the secret of the mithral mine died with him.
Still, there are dwarves in Ghastenhall and Matharyn
who claim to have royal blood in their veins. If this is
true, they may be immune to the amnesiac curse and may
be able to rediscover this priceless mine. An Asmodean
army equipped with mithral weapons would be unstoppable!
The Ice Troll Forges lvl 12+
In the savage north is found an ancient tribe of ice
trolls, the degenerate remainder of a once much greater
troll civilization. These surprisingly intelligent smiths
work strange rare metals and craft magic treasures they
trade with the bugbears. These are led by a great ice troll
king named Sigarth Iekenhart. Sigarth is a genius among
the ice trolls and despises the Talireans. He could be
a valuable ally to any who call Talingarde their enemy.
Still, he would have to be persuaded. It is said the trolls
value mithral (or ice-steel as they call it) above any other

The Sunken City of Aath-Aryn lvl16+
Several miles off the eastern coast of Talingarde is
a colony of tritons that dwell amidst the ruins of a submerged
city. Aath-Aryn, it is said, was once the sister
city to the ancient city of Maath-Aryn (now better known
these days as Matharyn, capital of Talingarde). However,
its last king in his arrogance mocked the god of
the sea. Thus the city was hit by a great tsunami and a
powerful earthquake that permanently flooded the city.
Now the lost city of Aath-Aryn (or just Aath) is merely
a children’s tale remembered only in a nursery rhyme:
King Hoopa Loopa said to the sea
Aath’s not afraid of you! Are you afraid of me?
King Hoopa Loopa silly silly he!
He got dragged down to the bottom of the sea!
King Hoopa Loopa said to the sky
Don’t let me drown! Can you teach me how to fly?
King Hoopa Loopa silly silly guy!
Seven miles out and never ever dry!
For the clever, the nursery rhyme does hold a few interesting
facts. The last king of Aath-Aryn was named
Appalorius (no doubt the origin of the sing-song Hoopa
Loopa). He did forsake the god of the sea for worship of
a sky god. And there is a rock outcropping seven miles
off the eastern coast called the Appalorian Spire very
near lost Aath-Aryn.
Now, if only an expedition could be mounted with
sufficient magical resources to explore the lost city, who
can doubt it still holds ancient treasures ripe for plunder?
Of course, there are the pesky tritons and sea elves who
consider this a holy site. They will have to be exterminated.
What a pity.
The Wreck of the Dawn Triumphant lvl 12+
When a Mitran religious artifact was discovered on
the mainland, the Church immediately arranged for its
transport to their cathedral in Matharyn. The church
fathers contracted the merchant vessel “The Dawn Triumphant”
owned by a very pious sea captain.
Alas, that just before the entrance to the Cambrian
Bay the ship struck a reef and sunk to the bottom of the
sea with all her crew and cargo. The Cardinals of the Mitran
Faith have offered exorbitant sums to anyone willing
to brave the treacherous waters and reclaim the relic
but so far have found no takers. What are they so worried
about? What is it about this relic that seems almost
to terrify them? And if it were recovered, how could it
be used against them?
The Holy Caverns of the Naatanuk lvl 12+
Of all the intelligent races that dwell on Talingarde,
the Naatanuk are probably the most misunderstood. Regarded
as monsters by the Talireans, these intelligent
polar bears are often assumed to be slaves or trained
beasts in service of the bugbears. This is untrue. While
a few Naatanuk do aid the bugbears, most regard the
shaggy goblinoids with disinterest or disdain. The truth
is that the Naatanuk are an independent, proud people
who made Talingarde their home long before bugbears,
humans or any other race came to this once wild island
The Naatanuk have an ancient druidic tradition and
it is in these hidden caverns that the rites and religions
of their people are carried out. It is also here that their
greatest treasures are stored. It would be only the boldest
of thieves who would dare violate these sacred caverns
and discover what the Naatanuk have labored so long to
keep hidden from the two-legs.

Legendary magical items of Talingarde

The Iron hand lvl7+
The last Knight Commander of the Order of the Brand was Sir Tagon , a hard man who had risen from the ranks of the peasantry to be one of the most feared men in Talingarde. He fell on the fields of Tamberlyn, personally struck down by the Darian usurper. His body was carried from the field by his squires. However with all the knights of his order dead on the field of battle and their property confiscated by the usurper it is unclear what his final resting place was.
He was famed for his magical Iron hand, an artefact with which he had replaced his right hand after it was lost in battle against the Frost Giants of the north, The hand forged by priests of Asmodeus gave him great strength and with it he wielded the great hammer frosthammer he took from the dead Jarl of the Frost giants.

Hellbrand lvl 12+
“King Jaraad, last ruler of House Barca, appealed to
his finest seers in his last days to know the future. All in
one accord, they predicted disaster in the upcoming battle.
In his desperation, he called out to the darkness and the
darkness sent him a mighty gift – the runeblade Helbrand.
Though Helbrand reaped a great toll in sacred blood it was
not enough to spare Jaraad from his destiny. He died and
Helbrand was captured. Though it could not be destroyed,
it was broken in three. The blade was stored in Valtaera,
the pommel was given to the great dragon Eiramanthus to
hide deep in his vaults, and the hilt was bricked up into the
Throne of Talingarde so that it would never be unguarded.
May it never again see the light of day.”

Atavistic Splinter(lost treasures) lvl 7+

Tales of the folk hero Nolly Peltry, a good-hearted
but dim-witted trapper, are popular throughout Talingarde
According to one tale, Nolly climbed atop a gargantuan dire
bear known as One Fang, mistaking the beast for a hill. One
Fang shook Nolly off and gave chase, roaring with a rage
that shook the earth. Nolly climbed the tallest pine tree she
could find, forgetting that bears—even large ones—can
climb just as well. From the top of the tree, Nolly prayed for
salvation. From the clouds above, the gods reached down to
pluck One Fang from the tree; whether this was to save the
foolish Nolly or to apotheosize the great bear as an exemplar
of natural fury, none can say. One Fang resisted, digging his
claws into the bark, but not even a bear as mighty as One
Fang could withstand the power of a god. A slab of bark
tore away, brushed aside as easily as a splinter by the forces of nature
hand as he lifted One Fang into the clouds.
Nolly recovered the piece of bark to use as a fleshing
board, unaware that One Fang’s ferocious nature had been
imprinted into the wood. For the next year, each animal that
Nolly skinned added its primal imprint to the keepsake.
Months later, Nolly showed off her memento in a rough and-
tumble frontier village, but when several townsfolk
experienced bestial transformations, the village condemned
Nolly as the harbinger of a terrible curse. Vengeful locals
set fire to the hayfield in which Nolly was camped. Nolly
made a lucky escape—a folk tale in its own right—but lost
the Atavistic Splinter in the process, valuing her life over a
memento whose true power she did not suspect

Bell of Obedience lvl 14+

A lost relic of the kings of Talingarde, the bell when rung had the power to calm and control all of those who heard the bell ring. The Barcan kings used it through several generations to keep peace in the capital and many scholars attribute the stability of their rule to the bell. About 100 years before the overthrow of the Barcan Kings this item was lost to them when unknown thieves broke into the palace and stole the bell.

Draddeth Edge lvl 7+

The first historical mention of this weapon is in the
memoirs of General Lord Draddeth, who was known
for achieving victory over superior forces through
tactical advantage. Draddeth attributed many of his
successful military campaigns to a magical hammer that
he commissioned during the early Talingarde campaigns against the bugbears of the north and that he named for the tactical advantage
he claimed it gave him in battle.
The hammer again
offered him counsel during campaigns against the Ireanu
Draddeth willed the hammer to the Baron of Farholde
upon the occasion of his death, but the weapon was
never recovered from among his possessions.
There is a saying in the region that some people have
“The Draddeth Edge,” meaning an innate talent for
strategy or a hidden advantage. Most of these stories are
superstition or excuses for having lost to a supposedly
inferior foe, but The Draddeth Edge does in fact assist many
young captains rise quickly through the ranks, and turns
even lawless bandits into professional soldiers. Owners of
this weapon give conflicting descriptions of it but a few
details remain consistent: The Draddeth Edge offers tactical
advice, promises military power, and then vanishes when
its owner’s career starts to plateau.

Advocates Armour lvl 10+
A long time ago (about a century)there was a very successful and wealthy lawyer and slum landlord called Diogenes. He made a lot of money running properties in the slums of Ghastenhall and defending rich clients in court he also made a lot of enemies , his ties to the church of Asmodeus helped protect him and his tithes helped pay a lot of the churches bills. Finally when he was evicting a family from their home he had gone to far and was torn to pieces by the mob. It seems that his clothes have become a relic of Asmodeus becoming as tough as armour and inflicts a curse upon those who draw the wearers blood. The armour was lost in the fall of the Asmodean church

Gelugon Armour lvl 14+

Fashioned for the Icehearted Knight commander Ebrus leader of the Hellknights a century before the rise of the Mithran’s. The armour embodied the spirit and Icy might of the Gelugon Devil and served Lord Ebrus well in battle. Until he lead an expedition north of the watch wall to deal with a particularly dangerous bugbear trible lead by Strengar the slayer a half demon Bugbear , the raid was victorious but on the way back to the wall the knights were set upon by a band of Frost giants who slew many of the knights and carried off their bodies as loot. The armour has not been since then.

Night Skin lvl 7+
Lady Havelyn Destil was a bad women, she was a noble at the court of the Barcan kings and widely rumoured to have sworn a deal with a devil. There were several occasions when people tried to kill her and the dress’s she wore turned a knife blade, it was said the dress was enchanted by dire sacrifices to Asmodeus. It was said that the enchantments on the dress let her see through the night. What happened to the dress after the lady died (of poisoning) is unknown

The Devils Brand (hb) lvl 16+

Ebon Thorn lvl 16+
This armour was worn by the Knight commanders of the Order of the Brand the order of Asmodean knights wiped out at the battle of Tamerlyn. Custom-made for the leader of the Order of the Brand, Lictor DiLavos, Ebon Thorn was designed to capitalize on the ferocious appearance and reputations of the Hellknights. As much a weapon that affected opponents’ confidence as it is armor,
Ebon Thorn was coveted by Hellknights of every faction. Unfortunately, DiLavos perished along with the rest of his order, and his famed armor was lost in the aftermath. Many think the full plate was hidden somewhere in the citadel of the order during the aftermath of the campaign to prevent it from falling into enemy hands, and was overlooked in the aftermath. Treasure hunters speculate that Ebon Thorn is still secreted somewhere in the now rebuilt Castle Brandescar. (Perhaps you failed your perception rolls :()

Blade of the Pit lvl 12+

A weapon said to predate the coming of the people of Talingarde to the land the weapon is made from razor sharp flaming obsidian. Despite being made from stone the sword is still stronger and lighter than steel. It was wielded by one of the old Ireani chieftains, who ruled the lands near what is now the city of Deveryn. The stories say it was buried in his barrow which is lost somewhere near or possibly in the City of Deveryn

Hell’s Eye lvl 7+
Hells eye was the name given to the fiery mace wielded by the priest of the last Asmodean temple in Farholde before the purges. It was an effective weapon and much prized as a symbol of the favor of Asmodeus, when the Mithran knights came for the priest he thought back with the mace and after his death it was taken away by one of the knights as a trophy

Hell callers edge lvl 10+
This was a sword carried by a champion of the Order of the Brand, a Greatsword which also possessed an enchantment enabling it to open a brief portal to hell bathing the area around the blade in the flames of hell. The knight wielding it fall at the battle of Tamberlyn killed by a Darian champion of a noble family hailing from Ghastenhall and was reputedly taken back to the family manor as a trophy after the battle

Devil’s Key lvl14+
This blade was forged for a devilish assassin for killing celestials, the weapon allows the wielder to pursue a fallen celestial back to heaven when they are killed in this world , allowing them to be truly slain and removed from the great cosmic war rather than just being barred from this world. It is said that the devil wielding this blade was sent to kill one of the angels who stand guard over the church of Mithra in Talingarde at the time of the Asmodean purges. Unfortunatly the assassin failed and the blade was taken by the Talingarde Inquisition.

Grudge Blade lvl7+
A weapon brought to Talingarde by an Estalian Duelist, a proud and arrogant man he made what would be a fatal mistake and challenged a knight of Alarion to a duel , and when the knight refused citing the law attacked him anyway after his death his rapier was taken by the knight who killed him, said knight was later lost on a patrol along the edges of the Caer Brye . The rapier was enchanted so do more damage to an opponent the longer a fight lasted

Iron Road lvl 12+
Decades of chaos and violence followed the fall of the
empire of Shu before its lands were reunited as Lung Wa,
and during this dark time independent warlords fought
for dominance in western Tian Xia. Like many of his
contemporaries, Lord Gua Shao Wei attempted to annex
his neighbors’ land to create a new kingdom, and like so
many before him, his efforts failed and left his territory
vulnerable to the depredations of his contemporaries.
Within a year, his enemies had laid siege to his castle
and began starving Gua Shao Wei into submission.
Too ambitious and desperate to give up,
the harried warlord called upon Hell
itself to save him in his time of need.
At great cost, he negotiated with the
devil who answered and received
an iron pendant that would grant
him the wealth and power of a true
dragon. One week later, the doors
to Gua Shao Wei’s castle burst open,
releasing a regiment of ironclad,
insectile warriors that broke the siege
and scattered the invading troops.
The enemy’s scouts were too shaken
to approach for days, but when they did
so, they found the castle empty except
for a mad Gua Shao Wei and the Iron Road.

The amulet was later taken by the church of Asmodeus and many think it was kept as a prize by the Cardinal of Asmodeus in the capital , but it has not been seen or heard of for centuries

Torc of Kostchtchie lvl 17+
Legends speak of a golden Torc created by a Witch queen for use in the ancient wars , it is said to have bound within it part of the soul of Kostchtchie a demon lord of Ice and giants , it was said to give great power to its bearer including domination over Frost Giants. It is said Kostchtchie still seeks the lost part of his soul

lvl 8+
These too strange inventions were the work of the mad wizard Abdullizah , who came to Talingarde from foreign lands he over the opposition of locals and the disapproval of both the church and the wizards of Talingarde built himself a tower east of Farholde. His strange and controversial magical theories were that words themselves had power and that they stole that power from others, so that when a wizard wrote the words in a spellbook her permanently weakened himself. Supposedly the goblet allowed one to drink the written words of power and gain that power for yourself, the amulet supposedly proved the power of the words because if one spoke the words of a spell backwards it would reverse its effects.
Eventually he went too far in trying to demonstrate the effect of reading the holy books of the gods backwards and his tower was stormed by a mob of peasents lead by a rare allaince of a Wizard and a cleric of Mithra


Silent Aviary lvl 9+

The Silent Aviary was created several decades ago by an
oracle from the small town of Farholde.
The solitary diviner was known locally as Lady Cuckoo,
both for her eccentric manner and her obsession with
birds. To many in Farholde, Lady Cuckoo appeared quite
mad. The ancient woman lived in a rundown clapboard
cottage on the edge of town, surrounded by hundreds
of handmade birdhouses and the incessant chirping of
countless songbirds. Some of the more superstitious
locals even muttered that the old recluse was secretly part
harpy, and that she soared on filthy corvid wings under
the cloak of night.
Despite the rumors, the more open-minded of Farholde’s
population knew the truth about Lady Cuckoo: the old
woman was a powerful oracle and a gifted harrower. Those
willing to unravel the enigmatic riddles that Lady Cuckoo
constantly chirped were often rewarded with unerring
prophecies and magical gifts. Through the decades, Lady
Cuckoo gained a cadre of such loyal patrons who kept
the old woman in comfort and health
in exchange for her unusual
brand of wisdom.
One autumn day, Lady
Cuckoo simply vanished.
Those inquiring after her
found her possessions all intact,
but her songbirds uncared for.
Lying her dining table was the
Silent Aviary. Many have owned
the unique harrow deck since,
but the tendency of its users to
vanish into thin air has prompted
the townsfolk of Farholde to shun it.

The current location is unknown no stories speak of it for the last 30 years

The Bone iron Staff Magi Staff of the Necromancer lvl17*
Legends speak of the Nameless Tyrant a terrible Necromancer who dominated the island before the coming of the current people of Talingarde , he was eventually cast down by a Mithran Paladin who went on to found the kingdom of Talingarde. But before that he had only known when defeat he tried to seize what is currently the Caer Bry and was finally driven off by the combined efforts of their Druidic rulers. Legends state that with the arm he lost to their magic he also lost his staff a powerful and terrible magic item , so terrible the druids feared to destroy it instead entombing it below their land in a vault alongside other things they feared to have return to the light of day.

Plaques of the Black Sun: lvl17+
Held under constant guard in Mithra’s Temple of the Redeeming Sun on Ysgarde (an Island located North West of Talingarde within the arctic circle), this
heavily illustrated Osiriani translation speaks at length of the
cult of Belial, holds copies of the spells eyebite and hellfire
ray, and—hidden upon its back cover—bears the sigil of the
whore queen Ardad Lili herself.

Legendary tombs

The Everforge lvl10+

Before humans dominated Talingarde there was an empire of Dwarves who ruled they thought with the elves and bugbears in the north. Their empire fell and the dwarves who remain live among the humans and in a few isolated holds in the mountains. Legends

Tomb of the Iron Medusa lvl13+
The notorious aristocrats of House Adella died out nearly two hundred years ago.
After rising to prominence during the crusade against the Nameless Tyrant, the Adellas
were especially famous for their contributions to the Grand Campaign against despised Francones.
Known to produce scions with extraordinary talent for swordplay and sorcery, the house grew in influence, wealth, and notoriety before collapsing under the weight of its own arrogance about 2 centuries ago. The Adellas were so despised by the time of their demise that all public record of the family was stricken from annals, and anyone tainted by its blood was stripped of aristocratic status. All that now remains of the once-great house is the long-hidden tomb where the Adellas’ greatest secrets have avoided plunder for generations.
Including the sword Infensus Mucro, reputedly a gift from Asmodeus in return for the families allegience

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
carborundum wrote:

My turn ** spoiler omitted **

Has anyone any ideas?

Depending on how you want to do things, I allowed my players to just make Lingusitics/lawyer rolls and then I Assured them there were no loopholes unless the other guy rolled better. I did not want to spend hours while they went through every option so I let they say what they wanted and then a dice roll to nail down the language.

As for the third wish just tell them it has to be within the realm of what a CR15-18 daemon can do and not suicidal . So if they tell it to attack the capital not only will Thorne be unhappy but it will plane shift home as soon as someone like the High inquisitor or the King and his guards turn up and attack it.

Grand Lodge

Tonight the group decided this was not the AP for them, and we ended it. We've decided on doing something that's anti-sandbox so it's easier for them. I gave them a general synopsis of the rest of the AP, and they absolutely hated how it could have ended (Book 7 ending). For that alone they are grateful to be done.

Unfortunately, this makes three groups who didn't get past Book 2. I still enjoyed the read and doing all the add-ons, but they'll never be for me to use.

That's weird. My group is in the middle of Book 2 and is absolutely loving it.

The only "problem" is that they're being very intelligent about Tower defense: instead of spreading everything out like a standard dungeon, they've blocked up all the entrances but the top and bottom, and have concentrated their defenses there. So, attackers quickly get zerg-swarmed by everything.

Doug M.

Grand Lodge

DM_DM wrote:

That's weird. My group is in the middle of Book 2 and is absolutely loving it.

The only "problem" is that they're being very intelligent about Tower defense: instead of spreading everything out like a standard dungeon, they've blocked up all the entrances but the top and bottom, and have concentrated their defenses there. So, attackers quickly get zerg-swarmed by everything.

Doug M.

Mine overthought everything and gave themselves anxiety attacks because of it. When I explained everything during the synopsis they realized their mistakes and what they had been doing wrong.

I had to cancel my game in group at the middle of the second book because of many reasons (one of them that I'm often called to work with 2 hours of anticipation and have to cancel sessions) so I'm GMing it as a solo campaign for one of my players (living with me, it makes everything easier). That made me able of getting more into some plots I couldn't develope in group and it's being really fun to do it.

Because of my player's actions, the treasons have made a very different game:
The White Ravens are still alive and my player wants to replace Adrastus, conquer the land and stablish an eternal dinasty with Elise. Trak has been the one to betray the party, getting his brother to help him. Two of the former party members (now in my control) have betrayed the party at the last time (both had good reasons to do it). One of them was a ghost with Maleficence who posessed Dostan, killing a lot of their minions and some significative NPCs and leaving Elise at negative hit points. It's being a real madness. The next session my player and his minions will be fighting against the paladin and his people. They let the Wizard from Balentyne live and even had deals with him, so my player will be bewildered when he sees him!

Let's see what happens.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Unfortunate, I actually found book 2 and 3 to be the best because of the illusion of free will which let my players do more character building villany and side quests while also getting on with the plot.
Book 6 has also been fun they are a combination of enlightened tyrants combined with ruthless secret really evil plans hidden from the populace.

My players approach to the defenses in book 2 were bells everywhere including on every minion. This was after one of the attack forces eliminated the minion door guards silently, they felt that the bells meant even a dead minion should make enougn noise to raise an alarm

I let them have complete freedom and tailored everything having their actions in mind.
After having to retailor the story to fit a single player I also felt free to be a bit wicked myself and introducing some plot twists with some former party members who were never really loyal as traitors. Alric (the PC) had always been the leader of the Party so it wasn't difficult to make some of the former PCs as relevant minions and some other betrayers.
About Elise, after some excelent role-playing of my player since the very beginning, nourishing her ambitions and getting her to blame more the Cardinal than the PCs, telling her that both would rule together, it became illogical to have her betraying him. But as betrayal seems to be the theme on this book, I wanted to have someone betraying the PCs. So I got Trak to act out of sheer jealousy and being convinced that Alric was manipulating and using Elise (what is not false at all, they base their relationship on manipulating each other and it works xD). She saw himself as he was saving her from an abusive relationship (what is not true at all).

My players defenses were mainly magic in many places as they were cheaper. The sorcerer casted alarm spells and they got Hexor and Vexor to use their teleporting and telepathy to warn them and get them into the fight soon. They also put illusions in some places, like the hole traps, to cover them, and used mask dweomer spells to avoid them being detected.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

One of my players produced me an essay as character background, so I built multiple sub plots from that, introducing a whole devil haunted young ladies finishing school, so they investigated that during book 7 and I repurposed a whole bunch of encounters from other modules and books of magical items to give them leads to follow up and loot to gather. It meant that any given time half the party was away doing something else when trouble happened at the Horn, as each player had a cohort that kept them all involved.

They also took very happily to the idea of tracking a week at a time rather than tracking every day or hour unless they had something actively going on

I wish my players did so good when writting long characters backgrounds but the ones who did it tried to use them to justify impossible things and take advantage so I had to cut a lot of stuff from their backstories.

The two ones who developed better (really good in fact) backstories they weren't lengthy but they were rather cool and allowed me to flesh out some personalized stuff.

One of them was a former pirate and had him meeting some of his former crew in Farholde and starting some smuggling business as a part of their organisation.

The other one, the Antipaladin who is now my only player, is a worshipper of a forbidden religion who thinks that the government is evil because it forsakes freedom of cult (his cult involves controlled cannibalism, he hasn't practised it more than a couple of times in the game but wants to be free to do it) and tries to enlighten anyone who has a strong faith.

Any small thing in the character background can be inspiring for creating personalized stories.

BTW, today I had another short session. Traya left them in good terms but a bit scared, and our evil Tyrant just let her go and even gave her money and a magic item. He surprised me! She surrendered after losing her party and they let her live (Tasker lived too but was killed the last session). After a good roleplaying and impressive Dimplomacy rolls Alric convinced her that they were being forced to do the ritual but didn't want to (more or less true) so she ended helping them with some stuff and being kinda useful. In the last day she decided everything was too much for her and left promising to keep her mouth shut.

I might have her back later.

Now Alric is deciding what will his third demand for Vetra Kali be. We'll be ending this part soon!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

For the third request I have not yet heard better than my players plan they purchased a Soul trapping Gem and requested he take it, he could not refuse and because he accepted the gem, no saving throw.....

They traded him in to some devils for various other benefits, I could think of no way around this cunning plan

My players planned to do something similar but never tried to purchase the gem and now it's too late. I'm not even sure if he has enough money to do so.
With all the changes from group to solo playing he is still adapting to it and is still a bit disoriented. I am too.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In Book 2 my group was rich, as I gave out a fair amount of bonus loot from sidequests they spent a lot on of money on 2 things. Wraith killing, for some reason the wraiths terrified them and they had a total overspend on scrolls set up to wipe the wraiths out (it took them one expensive Undead the death scroll , they had 4 plus a bunch of protective scrolls) and the soul gem which they spent a lot on. Now by the end of the campaign they are broadly WBL

DM_DM wrote:

That's weird. My group is in the middle of Book 2 and is absolutely loving it.

The only "problem" is that they're being very intelligent about Tower defense: instead of spreading everything out like a standard dungeon, they've blocked up all the entrances but the top and bottom, and have concentrated their defenses there. So, attackers quickly get zerg-swarmed by everything.

Doug M.

The group i was running thru this, got to near end of book 5 before we put the game on hold.

I was really curious to see how book 6 would play out.. and how others handle it.. but havent seen anyone post anything on groups in book 6

By the way... I couldn't find anything about what happens to Hexor and Vexor after Vetra Kali is summoned and the Horn destroyed. I guess they are dismissed, as they were tied to the Horn. I didn't have them betray Alric, as they are bound to service, but I don't think they should stay after summoning Vetra Kali.

Hexor and Vexor have been so far the best minions ever and my players loved them (even if they knew Hexor and Vexor mostly hated them and didn't fear to make them know).

I'd love to have Grumblejack around again, but he was slayed by one of the most conflictive players I've ever had.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hexor and Vexor would I think be dismissed when the tower collapses, however the binding token for them in the tower has their true names so if you keep that and have the appropriate spells you could bind them again as guardians for another lair.

Grumblejack became a PC in my campaign.

It is hard to say much about book 6 as it will be so different for each group , my group has just reached roughly the end of their 3 year reign. They have brought Sexual Equality, Freedom of Religion, Asmodeus Land, peacefully incorporated the Ice Elves, Frost Giants, and Ireani into the kingdom and generally acted a fairly benign tyrants. They have brought slavery, prostitution and gladitorial events and 2out of 3 of these are popular. They have kept assassinations , the ritual sacrifice of babies to hide the undead nature of many of them and their actual devilish allies secret. They are taking the long view at the moment they are slowly winning people over particularly the young so that in the long run everyone will be heart and soul a devil worshipper.

For the childrens crusade they had their converted Peri fight a Horned devil and be defeated being dragged off to Hell . Then each family got a 10gp compensation for the economic cost of their child wondering off and a complimentary ticket to the next gladiatorial show

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32

Well, my guys finished book 2 yesterday. Their third "wish" was that Vetra-Kali serve Asmodeus faithfully for 666 weeks!

As for defenses, they raised an undead army to build a palisade while also stone-shaping every entrance. Then they filled the hallways with more undead, used three gravelings to coordinate, made rings to communicate, had a zombie lillend as air transport, tied cheese wire across the roof entrance...

Let's just say I didn't even bother running all the encounters, just have them the xp and told them what happened :)

They had to chop the Lillend to transport her (don't ask) so they couldn't raise her.

They also didn't have access to animate dead spells until very late so undead were not an option for them.

They didn't have divine spellcasters (unless you take an antipaladin as a divine spellcaster) and the sorcerer didn't learn animate dead as one of his first spells for that level. Using scrolls would have been expensive so they had a pile of skeletons and nothing to do with them.

In the end they raised 4 bloody skeletons as bowmen. They were buried unalive when the Horn collapsed but as they are bloody skeletons they will remain there until some unfortunate adventurer finds them xD

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Given the fairly strict limits on how many dead you can control, my players found undead were not much use, After a signifigant investment they had a few dangerous undead, but found basic skeletons/zombies/minions/boggards mainly useful as mobile alarms to bring the attention of the pc's to whatever was killing them. For that they were useful (particularly after they had bells attached)

Trolling the divine army by asking to exchange diplomats would be amusing.

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