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Wargames Hobby Tool Kit

List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $26.99

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The Wargaming Hobby Tool Kit is a high value selection of special purpose hobby tools all hand-picked for the task of assembling armies of Wargaming miniatures. It also contains an A5 guide for using hobby tools with many tips and safety tips.

Included is a free 7gm super glue, so the very second you open the set you are ready to start building your army.

With this set you can:

  • Cut out miniatures from plastic sprues, cut small metal parts, etc.
  • Drill gun/bullet holes, prepare larger models for pinning
  • File parts sharp, remove metal flash or plastic mould lines
  • Use the super glue for plastic, metal, and resin
  • Cut movement trays, banners, or clean the miniatures for excess flash
  • Use the tweezers for handling small parts for gluing, etc.
  • Sidecutter: used to cut plastic, resin, and small metal bits
  • Pin vice: a one-handed drill used for pinning metal parts
  • Five drill bits: for the pin vice (five different sizes)
  • File with soft grip handle: to remove mould lines, flash, etc.
  • Hobby knife: extremely sharp razorblade for precision work
  • Tweezers: very useful for small parts, especially when gluing
  • 7gm super glue included for FREE to get you started!

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