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Ground Set #14: Trenches Download

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Would you like to have your game be fought in real trenches on your table? These trench tiles will have you feeling like you're actually sneaking and fighting down in the trenches. With bullets whizzing right over your head and the shouts of the wounded in the air, you'll know that this is time for you to be a hero!

With this new Ground Set, we travel into the time of World War I and World War II. The military has always used trenches to protect important area. Sometimes soldiers had to dig them out very quickly in downpours when they knew the enemy was coming. This set includes a quick-finished trench in both realistic and 3D styles.

Our Ground Sets include 6x6 inch tiles which you can build up your own maps. In this set you can customize your trench with buttons on a control panel.

This set includes more than 100 tiles, since each tile can be altered to have different turns and exits. With those three switchable paths, you can build up more diverse trench systems.

Type of trenches:

  • Center Straights
  • Lower Straights
  • Straights with Firing Steps
  • Straight with Bomb Hole
  • Straight with Depot
  • Depot Areas
  • Angled Trenches
  • Angled Connectors
  • V Trenches
  • Right Angle Turns
  • Dead Ends
  • Landscape Tiles

Image format:

  • 6"x6" tiles
  • U.S. Letter, 200 dpi, PDF
Our Ground Sets are made for 1 inch based figures, where one inch = 5 feet in the real world.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 or higher. Layers and buttons will work with this program.

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