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Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

****½ (based on 31 ratings)
Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

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The brutal beasts of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary come alive on your tabletop with this box-busting collection of more than 300 creature pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG!

Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn contains a beautiful full-color image of a nasty monster from the core Pathfinder RPG monster reference. Each cardstock pawn slots into a size-appropriate plastic base, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. With multiple pawns for commonly encountered creatures and more than 250 distinct creature images, the Bestiary Box is the best way to ensure you've got the right creatures to push your Pathfinder campaign to the next level!

ISBN 978-1-60125-561-7

Bestiary Box Set List

Hundreds of monsters surge to life on your tabletop! Each has its own identification number for easy sorting. The Bestiary Box includes:

Small (and Smaller)
1  Archon, Lantern
2  Bat Swarm (4)
3  Choker
4  Cockatrice
5  Dark Creeper (3)
6  Darkmantle
7  Demon, Dretch (2)
8  Demon, Quasit
9  Derro (2)
10  Devil, Imp
11  Dog
12  Eagle
13  Electric Eel
14  Elemental, Air
15  Elemental, Earth
16  Elemental, Fire
17  Elemental, Water
18  Goblin Warrior (4)
19  Homunculus
20  Intellect Devourer
21  Iron Cobra
22  Kobold Warrior (3)
23  Mephit (2)
24  Mite (2)
25  Pixie
26  Pseudodragon
27  Rat, Dire (2)
28  Shocker Lizard
29  Spider Swarm (4)
30  Stirge (2)
31  Svirfneblin
32  Vargouille (2)
33  Vegepygmy (2)
34  Will-o'-Wisp
35  Aasimar Cleric
36  Angel, Astral Deva
37  Animated Object
38  Ant, Giant Soldier (3)
39  Archon, Hound (2)
40  Archon, Trumpet
41  Azata, Bralani (2)
42  Azata, Ghaele
43  Barghest
44  Basidirond
45  Basilisk (2)
46  Boar
47  Boggard (3)
48  Bugbear (3)
49  Cat, Leopard
50  Cave Fisher (2)
51  Centipede, Giant
52  Crab, Giant (2)
53  Dark Stalker
54  Demon, Babau (2)
55  Demon, Nabasu
56  Demon, Shadow
57  Demon, Succubus
58  Devil, Barbed (2)
59  Devil, Bearded (2)
60  Devil, Erinyes (2)
61  Devil, Lemure (3)
62  Dinosaur, Deinonychus (2)
63  Dog, Riding
64  Doppelganger
65  Dragon, Young Black
66  Dragon, Young Brass
67  Dragon, Young Copper
68  Dragon, Young White
69  Drow Noble Cleric
70  Drow Warrior (3)
71  Dryad
72  Duergar (2)
73  Elemental, Air
74  Elemental, Earth
75  Elemental, Fire
76  Elemental, Water
77  Ettercap
78  Frog, Giant
79  Gargoyle
80  Genie, Janni
81  Ghost
82  Ghoul (3)
83  Gibbering Mouther
84  Gnoll (3)
85  Goblin Dog
86  Golem, Ice
87  Golem, Wood
88  Gray Ooze
89  Green Hag
90  Half-Dragon, Dracolisk
91  Harpy (3)
92  Hell Hound (2)
93  Hobgoblin Fighter (3)
94  Hyena
95  Invisible Stalker
96  Kyton
97  Leech, Giant
98  Lich
99  Lizardfolk (3)
100  Lycanthrope, Wererat
101  Lycanthrope, Werewolf
102  Medusa
103  Merfolk Warrior
104  Mimic
105  Mohrg
106  Morlock (2)
107  Mummy (2)
108  Night Hag
109  Nymph
110  Orc Warrior (3)
111  Rakshasa
112  Rust Monster
113  Sahuagin (2)
114  Salamander
115  Satyr
116  Sea Hag
117  Shadow
118  Skeletal Champion
119  Skeleton (3)
120  Skum (2)
121  Snake, Venomous
122  Spectre
123  Spider, Giant (3)
124  Tengu Rogue
125  Tiefling Rogue
126  Troglodyte (2)
127  Vampire Sorcerer
128  Violet Fungus
129  Wight
130  Wolf (2)
131  Worg
132  Wraith
133  Xill
134  Xorn
135  Yellow Musk Creeper
136  Yeth Hound (2)
137  Zombie (3)
138  Angel, Planetar
139  Angel, Solar
140  Ankheg
141  Ape, Dire
142  Ape, Gorilla
143  Assassin Vine
144  Azata, Lillend
145  Barghest, Greater
146  Bat, Dire
147  Bear, Dire
148  Centaur
149  Chimera
150  Chuul
151  Cloaker
152  Couatl
153  Crocodile
154  Cyclops
155  Demon, Balor
156  Demon, Hezrou
157  Demon, Marilith
158  Demon, Vrock
159  Devil, Bone
160  Devil, Horned
161  Devil, Ice
162  Devil, Pit Fiend
163  Devourer
164  Dragon, Adult Black
165  Dragon, Adult Brass
166  Dragon, Adult Copper
167  Dragon, Adult White
168  Dragon, Young Blue
169  Dragon, Young Bronze
170  Dragon, Young Gold
171  Dragon, Young Green
172  Dragon, Young Red
173  Dragon, Young Silver
174  Drider
175  Duergar (enlarged)
176  Elemental, Air
177  Elemental, Earth
178  Elemental, Fire
179  Elemental, Water
180  Ettin
181  Gelatinous Cube
182  Genie, Djinni
183  Genie, Efreeti
184  Genie, Marid
185  Genie, Shaitan
186  Giant, Fire
187  Giant, Frost
188  Giant, Hill
189  Giant, Stone
190  Girallon
191  Golem, Clay
192  Golem, Flesh
193  Golem, Iron
194  Golem, Stone
195  Gorgon
196  Griffon
197  Half-Celestial Unicorn
198  Half-Fiend Minotaur
199  Herd Animal, Aurochs
200  Herd Animal, Bison
201  Horse
202  Lamia
203  Lion
204  Lizard, Giant Frilled
205  Manticore
206  Mantis, Giant
207  Minotaur
208  Naga, Dark
209  Naga, Guardian
210  Naga, Spirit
211  Nightmare
212  Ochre Jelly
213  Ogre (2)
214  Oni, Ogre Mage
215  Otyugh
216  Owlbear
217  Pegasus
218  Phase Spider
219  Rhinoceros, Woolly
220  Roper
221  Scorpion, Giant
222  Shambling Mound
223  Shark
224  Sphinx, Gynosphinx
225  Tiger, Dire
226  Troll
227  Unicorn
228  Wasp, Giant
229  Wolf, Dire
230  Wyvern
231  Yeti
232  Aboleth
233  Bebilith
234  Behir
235  Black Pudding
236  Bulette
237  Demon, Glabrezu
238  Demon, Nalfeshnee
239  Dragon, Adult Blue
240  Dragon, Adult Green
241  Dragon, Adult Red
242  Dragon, Ancient Black
243  Dragon, Ancient White
244  Dragon Turtle
245  Elephant, Mastodon
246  Flytrap, Giant
247  Froghemoth
248  Giant, Cloud
249  Giant, Storm
250  Hydra
251  Remorhaz
252  Retriever
253  Shoggoth
254  Slug, Giant
255  Squid, Giant
256  Treant

The Bestiary Box also includes twenty 1"-bases for Medium and smaller pawns, ten 2"-bases for Large pawns, and five 3"-bases for Huge pawns.

Product Availability

Print Edition: This product is a backorder.

PDF: Fulfilled immediately. Will be added to your My Downloads Page immediately upon purchase of PDF.

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Product Reviews (31)
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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 31 ratings)

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Bestiary Box is the Answer to GM's Prayers!


When the clerk at the local game shop told me that the only way I would find a Pathfinder game would be to run one on my own, my mind immediately reeled thinking of the hundreds of miniatures that I would need to properly host a game.

Then I thought about the Pathfinder pawns line and the answer to my problem was in sight! I picked up the Bestiary Box prior to my first session and happily realized that almost every monster that I needed was represented within!

The pawns are sturdy and the artwork is gorgeous. The players really enjoy the added value of seeing the exact creatures they are facing. It makes encounter descriptions a breeze because I just set up the pawns and tell the players "this is what you see"!

You can't beat this selection for the price. Take your game to the next level. This first set is indispensable and will be the only monster box you'll need for a while!

Good but not great.

***( )( )

Ok first of all, these things are gorgeous, the art is amazing and they are of sturdy build. The variety is brilliant allowing for nearly all monsters in the Bestiary Book 1 (although i wish it had more dinosaurs).

My main problem however is that there are not enough repeats of some more 'common' monsters such as zombies, or orcs or goblins etc etc. While this will be fine for some people it wasnt for me and i would have much preferred one more sheet with just some more common weak baddies on it. This issue is also why i rated only 3 stars, just a few more of these guys and it would have been 5 stars.

PS, These things are really REALLY difficult to get hold of for a decent price in the UK.

Buy It For the Players


So, if you GM, you might spend a ton of time designing a game world that the players will skip. The players will enjoy this right away. This is worth the investment. I was hesitant to purchase this because I've never played with any form of miniature before. This has enhanced the games I GM. It is worth every penny.



So i got this and the rise of the Runelords set.

Until this point, I was using representation via my tiny mini collection. My players LOVED the pawns and now i don't have to field questions of "which guy is this again?".

I would love to see some of the Gargantuan and Colossal creatures that you could buy in booster packs or something too!

Very Neat!!

****( )

This box comes to save my wallet some months ago!!
i was wondering how to buy the minis, because in my country, there are a lot of taxes for toys...
so... this one comes to see the light and i was very nervous with this... so, i toss the coin and buy it.

its a huge box with a lot of pawns, there are missing creatures and maybe paizo decides colossal sizes were too expensives (i agree with them), actualy, no minis nor pawns are realy needed to play the game, but this is a great adition to it.

Congrats paizo, this stuff was a great move that keep me waiting for more.

i already buy the RotRl and Skull & Sackles pawns (i dont run those paths, but there more monsters some of which were missing from this box and now i have a lot of pawns)

The only thing i dont like about this box, is that you dont have how to storage inside after you cut this from the pages!!

the issue isn´t a huge deal, with some GM power, you can figured how to store them (the very box were this box came to you will provide a lot of material to deal with)

also, i want to recommend this!!

1 to 5 of 31 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | next > last >>

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