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In The Company of Lurkers (PFRPG) PDF

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They live in a world where good guys look like bad guys, and two wrongs do, in fact, make a right.

Half-gnome, half-cloaker, the new PC-friendly lurker race excel as urban vigilanties, spies, and assassins. They have a unique paranoid and covert society hidden with the day-to-day life of all the other races. Let your next player character be In The Company of Lurkers.

This new race is designed for use by player characters at every level of play, with custom special abilities, alternate racial traits, favored classes, feats, and archetypes based on the very nature of being a lurker, from a deeply embedded spy who specializes in dirty tricks to dark-cowled avengers of the night. They are designed to allow you to play something completely new, or a classic secret agent. Presented with this is a plug-and-play 1st-person-point-of-view descriptive text that allows for an easy introduction of this new race into any existing campaign.

Within you will find

  • Lurker race description
  • Racial traits
  • 10 alternative racial traits
  • Favored class bonuses (including some 3PP classes)
  • 6 new feats
  • Dirty trickster (bard archetype): who spread disinformation amongst the foes of the organization they serve.
  • Night haunt (inquisitor archetype): who function as urban vigilantes protecting the streets of the city.
  • Kithmourn lurker (shadow assassin archetype): Lurkers brought back from beyond the veil of death gaining an ability to keep those they kill deader than dead.
Author: Steven D. Russell
Artist: Mark Hyzer
Pages: 12

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Yay, great to see this up!

Free Full-Sized Preview

Thanks for getting this up Liz.

Reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. I really hope there'll be a revision of this one.

I think this book is pretty sweet, I've never been a fan of the gnomes..but combine them with of race of evil stingrays...I'm sold.

Plus there was some beautiful flavour text for the Night haunt (inquisitor archetype): "We are almost legendary figures, our cowled shadows
prowling through the night, preying upon criminal
parasites like the undead creatures whose name we
have adopted, we are the night haunts."

After reading that i just pictured a lurker batman figure.

Good work Rite, and i hope to see some more races and racial hopefully it could be reptilian *wink,wink.

Teiidae, sorry I missed this comment a while back and yes you totally caught me doing the Batgnome ;)

I have a quick question regarding the Lurkers ability to Fly. The Lurker Flight Feat list the Prerequisites as, "Lurker, Fly 5 ranks, Dex 13." However, earlier in the Alternative Lurker Racial Traits sections you list,

"Medium and Normal speed: Some Lurkers heritage
gravitates toward the larger size of their cloaker parent
that the smaller nature of their gnomish ancestry. These
lurkers are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or
penalties due to their size. They have a base speed of 30
feet. This trait replaces their small and slow speed racial
trait (hence they don’t’ gain their flight ability upon
gaining 5 Hit Dice)."

Which has left me to wonder should the Prerequisites for the Lurker Flight be, "Lurker, Small Size, 5HD, Dex 13," and not the prerequisites listed above. Any clarification would be Awesome!

Thanks in Advance!

yeah I probably should have done that.

Just to clarify, what are the exact Prerequisites for the Lurker Flight Feat? I'm looking for official word/ errata.

Thanks in Advance!

Going back and looking at it closely this is a revision issue in the original version small lurkers could fly automatically once gaining 5 HD, this was changed after play-testing to a feat.

this line should have been cut.
"(hence they don’t’ gain their flight ability upon
gaining 5 Hit Dice)."

The feat should read
Lurker Flight (Lurker)
Prerequisites: Lurker, Fly 5 ranks, Dex 13
Benefits: You gain a supernatural fly speed of 20 feet if Small or 30 feet if Medium (poor maneuverability) and can even fly when carrying a
heavy load. When you take this feat you gain Fly as a class skill.

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