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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

DungeonRise: Dungeon Essentials

Our Price: $49.00

Out of print

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Your quest for the perfect dungeon is over! (or at least we're giving you one heck of a try at it!). DungeonRise: Dungeon Essentials gives you all the components you need to create the ultimate tabletop dungeon, with unprecedented modularity and at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Dungeon Essentials features a foreboding dungeon entrance, double sided tiles & walls full of unique artwork and locations, angular flooring, stairs, columns, 3D dungeon props, 3D traps, stairs and over 51 unique FX tokens! All of these incredible features combine to bring you one of the most comprehensive dungeon locations ever brought to the tabletop market!

DungeonRise: Dungeon Essentials includes all of the following:

Flooring All Flooring Double-Sided With Unique Artwork! 13 Angular Floor Sections 5 Angular Corridor Sections 8 Standard Floor Sections (6"X6") 4 Corridor Floor Sections (3"X6") 8 Small Floor Sections (3"X3")

Walls 1 Dungeon Entry Portal (8" high, with columns and double doors) 8 Long Angle Walls 8 Short Angle Walls 18 Standard Walls (2"X6" - With and without doors) 18 Short Walls (2"X3" - With and without doors) 3 Long Removable Wall-Toppers (with Anchors) 5 Short Removable Wall-Toppers (with Anchors)

Props & Extras 3 Narrow Staircases (Single Story) 1 Wide Staircase (Single Story) 14 Column Supports (Single Story) 2 Spike Traps (3D) 7 Chairs 2 Tables 1 Fireplace 1 Wizards Altar 2 Bookcases (With secret entrance) 51 FX tokens!

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This product is out of print.

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