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Interface Zero—San Francisco: Ruins by the Bay (Chronicle City)

Our Price: $14.99


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Once one of the largest sprawls on the West coast, San Francisco was ravaged by war and natural disaster. Now, some twenty years after a major earthquake leveled the city, San Francisco is home to a wide range of hybrids and humans who eke out a meager existence in this harsh, post-apocalyptic ruin.

Take care though, traveler, because as much as the people of San Francisco can't stand each other, they hate outsiders even more. These cats'll gladly gut you and leave ya naked and bleeding out on the broken concrete if you so much as look at them the wrong way, tomo. So, if you stumble into the wrong zone or forget to pack extra ammo when scavenging in the ruins, well...

Don't say you weren't warned omae. San Francisco: There's no place like it.

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