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Free Settlement Spreadsheet (PFRPG) Download

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The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide has a great section on settlements. It allows the GM to define a settlement by its alignment and various other features (on a trade route, rumormongering citizens, led by a council, etc.) These factors are all then cross indexed to create a series of modifiers for transactions such as crime, corruption, magic items available for sale, etc. The issue I ran into was the interrelationship of the variables was so intricate I would invariably lose track of the numbers. To that end we now have the Excel GameMastery Guide worksheet, created by my son, Daniel Miller, for a programing class credit. (Word of warning, it is not ‘protected’ so save the original format in case you make an error that eliminates one of the cells.) You can go with the standard and put a "1" (numeric) in for the value, (for instance if the city has a "lawful" alignment, put a "1" in the box next to ‘lawful’) after you enter the number and move the cursor the values for the city automatically recalibrate to the reflect the new value. Unlike the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide, this allows you to "weigh" the variables, so if the city is ultra-lawful you can put a "2" or "3" in instead of one, which correspondingly alters the calculation to reflect the higher weight attached.

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I honestly expected more from this product. There was a lack of direction to where you should have entered the information. Should I enter 1 or 0 above or below the options (below it turns out). Simple shading would have been tremendously helpful, as would labeling of the sheet and including a readme sheet with directions. It's not bad for what it does, but anyone with Excel knowledge could probably take it and make it better. Gift Certificates
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