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101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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When 1d6 doppelgangers just won't cut it!

It's a big, scary city out there, and for your players, it's gotten nastier. 101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban gives you more options, more creative flexibility and more ways to just freak out your players with layered encounters with the masters of the cities criminal underworld.

Enjoy the advanced exemplar harridan lamia who believes she is in total control of her criminal empire along with her mate the maharaja rakshasha who just can't seem to give up his harem and all his consorts for his loving wife. Or enjoy their horde of adopted children from the mandragora plants that infest the city like kudzu or thier victims who have been raised as undead so as to increase thier illicit assets.

Brought you the best selling and critically acclaimed author of 101 Hazards and Disasters and 1001 Spells this collection brings you an even more vast array of new options to suprise even the most jaded of players with strange and exciting encounters. 101 Not So Simple Random Encounters: Urban gives you the creative oomph you've come to expect from Rite Publishing, and it'll give your party something to remember for a long time—if they survive!

Author: Steven D. Russell
Cover Illustration: Mark Hyzer
Pages: 47

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Paizo Employee Community Manager

Now available!

Full Sized Preview of the 1st 10 encounters plus the introduction

Thanks for the review Ruemere!

Oh and there is another review over at

You're welcome. It was a joy to read.


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I am looking forward to picking this one up.

I bought this one today and if it's anything like the other material produced by Rite Publishing it should be well worth the money. I intend to sprinkle some of the material in my Council of Thieves campaign. Seems like a natural fit for the campaign that I'm running via a PbP.

baldwin the merciful wrote:
I bought this one today and if it's anything like the other material produced by Rite Publishing it should be well worth the money. I intend to sprinkle some of the material in my Council of Thieves campaign. Seems like a natural fit for the campaign that I'm running via a PbP.

Thanks for your purchase! I would be very interested in hearing how it works in your Council of Thieves game.

Reviewed here, on DTRPG, sent to GMS magazine and posted about it on RPGaggression. Excellent work!

Also: Great review, ruemere!

Dark Archive

Nice reviews! This looks pretty awesome--and I am inclined to put forth that this might make a nice companion for the Slumbering Tsar Saga as well to spice up the random encounters in the temple-city itself. :)

Thanks, Gozuja! And yeah, they'd work in ST, but imo even better in a hostile takeover of a city like Zobeck or the Great City...or the upcoming Questhaven, of course!

Thanks for all the positive feedback. This took a long time and good deal of my creative soul in it.

99 cents for one day!

I wrote a review and uploaded it here and on OBS.
Also, I have no idea why my review on OBS shows up as "customer name withheld." My older reviews don't do that, and I don't think I changed any settings. Anyone know why that is?

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