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Yam Master

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Yam Master combines the dice-combination game play of Yahtzee and other such designs with a competition for prime spots on the game board in order to create rows of tokens.

On a turn, a player rolls the five dice, setting aside any he wishes, then rolls up to two more times with dice set aside in the first round being available for reroll on the third throw. After his final throw, the player can place one of his tokens on the game board on any space for which his dice-combination qualifies. The possible combinations are:

Three of a kind ("Square" 1-6): at least three dice with the same number (Square 2 = at least three dice with a "2") Full House ("Full"): three dice of a kind and two dice of a kind (not necessarily different) Four of a kind ("Carr "): at least four dice with same number Five of a kind ("Yam"): five dice with the same number Straight ("Suite"): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 8: when the sum of all dice does not exceed 8 One shot ("Sec"): one of the above figures, except 3 of a kind, in the first throw Challenge ("D fi"): before the second throw, the player places a bet and successfully attains on of the figures above, except 3 of a kind, within the second or third throw. He must not bet on a specified figure. Note that a "Yam" is also a "Square", a "Full", and a "Carr "; the player may choose which combination space he wants to cover with his token. Covering a space with a token is optional.

Instead of placing a token after a Yam, the player may remove one of the opponent's tokens from the game board.

The game ends either when one player creates a row of five tokens on the game board winning the game instantly or when a player places his twelfth token on the board; in the latter case, players score two points for each four-in-a-row created with their tokens and one point for each three-in-a-row, with the winner being decided on points.

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