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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Advanced Class and NPC (PFRPG) PDF

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Advanced Class and NPC brings four new classes to be used with the Pathfinder RPG. This book's sole purpose is to remove the point and shoot aspect of combat. Often we find ourselves with melee classes that move up and attack, attack, attack. Making a less then exciting combat for anyone other than the casters. The classes themselves are designed to encourage players to use the environment, combat maneuvers, role-playing, and leadership to better the outcome of combat. The book has a NPC section so that even if the classes are not used as a PC they can still be easily added to provide flavor to any campaign.

  • Battle Commander: Much like a bard/fighter this class issues orders to his party to grant them bonuses in combat when they accomplish feats of glory this class gains bonuses to their own abilities.
  • Combat Brute: Much like a barbarian this class uses its strength to do amazing combat maneuvers changing the flow of combat.
  • The Hunter: Much like a ranger this class uses environmental advantages to position himself to do more damage with his ranged attacks.
  • Scoundrel: Much like a rogue this class uses subterfuge to place himself in a position to do a great amount of damage to his foes.

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Product Discussion (4)

Review posted. This is a marked improvement over the Pugilist Class and NPC, and these classes present useful alternate takes on their various niches.

And reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine and NERDTREK. The good ideas are here, but oh boy does this not work as intended and needs refinement. Massive quantities. Sorry.

Glad to see another person's review of this product. Just to calibrate my review, the 3 star review is mostly in comparison to the Pugilist Class and NPC, so I suppose this means that Wordcasting Entertainment are improving.

Good to see that they're improving - I just wished they'd improve further and revise this in its totality... Oh, and thanks for writing the reviews, Caedwyr!

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