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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Veil of Truth: Corporate Solution (PFRPG) PDF

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Everything you need to start playing Veil of Truth! Download it, play with your friends and learn what is hidden beneath the Veil.

In the aftermath of Humanity's discovery that we are just another primitive species in a vast galaxy, chaos reigned all over the Solar System.

Sixty years after Revelation Day, genius cyberneticist Anders Dametrius goes missing during field tests on Mars. But Lester-Campbell Communications, one of Earth's most powerful corporate states, will not let millions of dollars of investment disappear without a trace.

Veil of Truth is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible product that brings the Space Opera to your table!

This product requires the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Rulebook.

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Pathfinder... In SPACE!!

***( )( )

This product takes the Pathfinder Rules and applies them to a Space Opera/ Space Fantasy setting. The Module supplies 4 pre generated characters to get any group started running the game. The setting draws on inspirations such as Star Wars, Alien, and David Brin’s [u]Uplift[/i] books. Corporations and governments both vie for control of nations, colonies and space. Aliens are selling surplus military technology to Earth governments and corporations.

Page 1 starts with a beautiful photo of Mars taken by NASA, an appropriate start since the majority of the adventure takes place on Mars. Layout is great, using a two column format. Sidebars are placed appropriately in a way that draws the eye to them at the proper time during reading. The art is good. It is all black and white. There is only art for the pre generated characters. There are no maps, which will create more work for the GM (but I assume was a cost saving measure by the publisher for a free module). No maps frees the GM to expand the environments to his/her liking, and/or allows the GM to pull in appropriate maps from other products.

Editing is less than good. There were multiple occasions where the incorrect word was used (lead instead of led, intended instead of intent, etc. These errors pass spell check, but should be caught by an editor.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this product. I think that anyone who might be interested in running or playing in a Space Opera setting someday should pick this line up. The price point is affordable, and I think that the company has promise to improve over time. The talent of a 2009 RPG Superstar Top 16 is apparent in this product. I wish Eridanus Books much success with future endeavors.

Itchy. Tasty.

-Aaron Gift Certificates
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