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Battlemap: Pirate and Ghost Ship Download

***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

Our Price: $7.95

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Pirates. A word that has caused sailors blood to run cold for centuries. A name that has haunted our history for ages, yet there are worlds where piracy is still a part of everyday life.

But what happens if the crew goes to a watery grave weighed down by a curse? The barnacle and seaweed covered ship will follow its crew to the other side.

Lord Zsezse Works has made this set because we wanted for you to get your hands on a ship’s battlemap that we believe is going to be a great accessory for every game you play on the high seas.

This is a three-masted and three leveled sailing ship. It’s perfect to transport the biggest cargoes, but the cannons on deck appear ready for anything.

Our maps are made for 1 inch based figures, where one inch = 5 feet in the real world. In your download, you can find the poster sized JPG images. You may use them for virtual tabletop programs or print in poster size.

This set includes the following:

  • Three maps broken into pages with and without water and grid
  • Two styles: Pirate Ship and Ghost Ship
  • Poster-sized full color images in JPG format for online and offline gamers

Image format:

  • Grid size: 1 inch
  • U.S. Letter, 200 dpi, PDF
  • JPG format pictures, 200 dpi
  • ZIP file (290 Mb)

One set, two ships. The real adventure is just beginning!

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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Download Broken

*( )( )( )( )

One of the PDF's is repeated in the download. with another one missing.
Paizo need to fix it otherwise you can't print off the full set that you need.

This is a great (pair of) ship(s)


So I'm looking for a ship and I've downloaded a number of them from Paizo, each time being a little disappointed that the ship that I'm looking for is not the one I downloaded. Then I got to this ship.

Its really fantastic, art is phenomenal and you get a lot (three decks, a captian's cabin and a crows nest...lots) for a very reasonable purchase price. Then on top of that they provide you this beauty in a wide array of different formats - sliced up into 8.5 by 11 for easy printing, poster sized versions, versions with and without water, with and without a grid. Chances are you'll be able to find a format you want to use with minimal work among all the possible options.

This is really the 'extra mile' that gets my star rating up to the top...I've downloaded some good PDF maps but usually I get the map in one format and I had better like it that way. Here I got to choose.

The ship is technically the same ship but one version has been done as a usable pirate ship and the other version is a decayed ghost ship. If I had any complaint at all its that the ghost ship version kind of went overkill on the adventure calls for a ship that has been adrift for awhile and I'm still going to use the pirate ship version.

There also been some real attempts here to make the different levels of the ship 'behave' in different ways so that some levels are more chopped up while others are much more about wide open spaces. This increases the chances that one can use the ship in their adventure - gonna fight a big demon? Get that on a deck with more open space while if you want a scene were things are a lot more cramped well then there is a deck that does that.

Very impressed. Gift Certificates
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