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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Paper Minis—Skull & Shackles Adventure Path Part 2: "Raiders of the Fever Sea" PDF

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This set contains over 150 key NPCs, monsters, and full sailing vessel crews for "Raiders of the Fever Sea," the second part of the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

You've got your ship—now what? You sail the seas and take down fat merchant galleys, holds full of loot! Ships from Absalom, Cheliax, and Sargava need crew to man them, and you'll get captains and sailors a-plenty in this set, along with a few that have shuffled off their mortal coil! Get all the miniatures you need to run "Raiders of the Fever Sea," in one conveniently priced set!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Agasta Smythee, female middle-aged human aristocrat/warrior
  • Aisha Hamiyaz, female Rahadoumi human aristocrat/expert
  • Albers Siggs, male human expert
  • The Ancient Mariner, male mummy of the deep
  • Aspar Tharkidor, male human aristocrat/expert
  • Aspis Consortium marine, male human fighter (4)
  • Axen Figgs, male human aristocrat/expert
  • Axia Lorvika, female Chelaxian human fighter
  • Birney Siggs, female human expert
  • Boar (2)
  • Brine zombie (12)
  • Buccanneer (12), human fighter
  • Canopy creeper (Huge)
  • Chandra Bristlewick, female human druid
  • Chelish marine, Chelaxian human warrior (12)
  • Chelish officer, Chelaxian human aristocrat/expert (12)
  • Clew, male human commoner
  • Coxswain, male human fighter
  • Cyvantris Tisserond, female Chelaxian human expert
  • Dockworker, male halfling (Small) (2)
  • Dockworker, male human (4)
  • Giant rock crab (Large)
  • Giant wasp (Large) (3)
  • Gortus Svard, male hobgoblin fighter/rogue
  • Great hammerhead shark (Huge)
  • Guard dog (4)
  • Irius Trock, male Chelaxian human aristocrat/expert
  • Isabella "Inkskin" Locke, female human sorcerer
  • Jellyfish swarm (Large)
  • Knuckles Grype, male human fighter
  • Krelloort, male four-armed sahuagin mutant fighter
  • Krelloort's concubine, female sahuagin (2)
  • Kyan Kain, male Chelaxian human cavalier
  • Locathah matriarch
  • Manticore (Large)
  • The Matron (Large)
  • Merrill Pegsworthy, male human fighter
  • Mardus Siggs, male young human commoner/expert
  • Moto, sea snake (Tiny)
  • Norva Wintarius, female Chelaxian human aristocrat/expert
  • Petrel Velroon, female Mwangi human expert
  • Portia Runescar, female half-elf aristocrat/expert
  • Rahadoumi Pure Legionnaires, male human warrior (2)
  • Rickety Hake, old male human expert
  • Rotgut, parrot (Tiny)
  • Royster McCleagh, male middle-aged human warrior
  • Sahuagin (12)
  • Sailor, human expert (12)
  • Sargavan marine, male human fighter
  • Selissa, water naga
  • Shackles hammerheard (2) (Large)
  • Tidewater Rock guard, human warrior (8)
  • Tojanida
  • Vesgal Falkirk, male dwarf aristocrat/expert
  • Village warrior, human warrior (8)
  • Whalebone Pilk, male breath taker fighter
  • Xtabay (8)

Artwork by Callous Jack.

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Our Price: $5.99

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Enough mini's to sink a ship!

****( )

Wow, these are great! Every single [and there are a LOT] mini in the AP ready to do battle [or become skark bait]!

Great quality, even when zoomed in on.

[The only small criticism I have is that a few of the mini's are quite alot bigger than their bases and this can sometimes be awkward on a battle map.]

Highly recommended. Gift Certificates
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