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Ruse: The Card Game

List Price: $11.99

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The Game of Accusations and Alibis! Players take turns making Accusations against the other players by placing Method, Motive, or Opportunity cards in front of them; or providing Alibis against the Accusations made against them by other players.

Ruse uses a specialized deck with themed suits and amazing artwork to tell the story of murder and mayhem under the gaslights of St. Sebastian. 2 - 4 Players use a specialized poker deck of playing cards with four steampunk inspired suits; Guns, Gears, Crystals, & Gaslamps, and amazing artwork which brings the Methods, Motives, Opportunities, and Alibis to life as you weave a story of how your opponents committed murder and you were clearly innocent.

With a deviously delicious cast of characters, it is a delight to imagine navigating the gaslight streets of Saint Sebastian as you maneuver to convict an opponent of the murder at hand.

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