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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Skull & Shackles Adventure Path Part 1: "The Wormwood Mutiny" PDF

***** (based on 7 ratings)

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This set contains over 100 key NPCs, monsters, and a full pirate crew for "The Wormwood Mutiny," the first part of the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path.

Plunder and piracy on the seas of Golarion starts somewhere, and your PCs will be scrubbin' the decks next to the likes of foul-mouthed Rosie Cusswell and the Besmaran cleric Sandara Quinn! Get all the miniatures you need to run "The Wormwood Mutiny", with an entire assortment of aquatic monsters and other piratical beasties—including a parrot!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Ambrose "Fishguts" Kroop, male human
  • Ankheg (Large)
  • Aretta Bansion, female human
  • Arron Ivy, ghast
  • Barefoot Samms Toppin, female human
  • Barnabus Harrigan, male human fighter
  • Bilge spider (Tiny)
  • Black-hearted Bezebel, chicken (Tiny)
  • Botfly swarm (2)
  • Brinebrood Queen, female grindylow (Small)
  • Caulky Tarroon, female human commoner
  • Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone, male gnome
  • Crimson "Cog" Cogward, male human
  • Cut-throat Grok, female half-orc fighter
  • Devilfish (Large)
  • Dire rat (Small) (6)
  • Fipps Chumlett, male human
  • Giant crab (3)
  • Giant frog (2)
  • Giant moray eel (Medium)
  • Giffer Tibbs, female gnome
  • Grindylow (Small) (11)
  • Habbly Quarne, male human fighter
  • Jack Scrimshaw, male human
  • Jakes Magpie, male human
  • Kipper, male human rogue
  • Lacedon (2)
  • Maheem, male human
  • Master Scourge, male human
  • Mister Plugg, male human fighter
  • Mosquito swarm (2)
  • Owlbear Hartshorn, male human fighter
  • Patch Patchsalt, female gnome rogue
  • Peppery Longfarthing, female human sorcerer
  • Pluck, parrot (Small)
  • Rahadoumi officer, female human ranger
  • Rahadoumi sailor, human warrior (6)
  • "Ratline" Rattsberger, male halfling
  • Reefclaw (2)
  • Riaris Krine, female human fighter
  • Rosie Cusswell, female halfling
  • Sandara Quinn, female human cleric of Besmara
  • Shark (Large) (6)
  • Ship's whore, female ghoul (3)
  • Shivikah, female human
  • Slippery Syl Lonegan, female human
  • Stirge (Tiny) (8)
  • Tam "Narwhal" Tate, male dwarf
  • The Whale, male advanced grindylow
  • Tilly Brackett, female human
  • Vine choker (Small) (2)
  • Wormwood pirate (14)

Artwork by Callous Jack.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 7 ratings)

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Excellent! Sets the B-Yarrr for future sets


This set's figures have poses from life and costumes with evocative detail, the characters have character and the colours are rich without being Dick Tracy primaries.

Best of all, the Artist, Callous Jack, was responsive so that any tweeks and even player suggestions were quickly fixed and the PDF updated immediately by Paizo's awesome staff so that by the time the game arrived in your hands you could download an A+ paper mini set and hit the ground running.

It looks like Callous Jack scoured the text of the adventure and obeyed it to a rules lawyer level of detail, but in such a way as to creatively construct a crew with enough life that you chomp at the bit to role play them with their different voices and accents.

The square bases with visual ship's deck texture are easier for my helpers to cut out and the label on the bottom makes the finding easier.

The square base also supplies enough room to glue a penny (or a dime with the money you saved) between the bottom and the "deck" so the danger of sneezing away the crew in a moment is removed.

We might have to rename him Courteous,Considerate, Careful or Creative Jack.

An Outstanding Offering


I'm not sure what I can add to the other 5-star reviews for this product, other than to reinforce the key points for me.

Artwork representing Characters / NPCs / Monsters is always very much a matter of personal taste; what appeals to one person may not appeal to others. For me, the artwork for each of these Minis is (as Delthos has said) "outstanding."

There's enough variety between the representations of even the "generic Minis" (such as the "pirates" / "grindylows") that I'm having trouble imaging a combat situation where anyone would have trouble differentiating between combatants.

In fact, the "generics" have such personality and panache they almost deserve names ...

Named NPCs from the AP have plenty of flavor and style as well (but still mirror the visual representations from the AP), and would be easily-recognizable once on the table-top. GMs, they're all here, just waiting to toss-down with your players!

Table-top? As Ravien noted, these Minis are perfect for re-purposing for use in VTT settings. That's how I'm planning to use them, and each Mini looks great at several resolutions.

This product is the standard by which I'll judge future Mini / Token purchases. Well-worth your consideration.

-- Andy Tuttle


****( )

Sooo happy that the minitures are out in time for our game. Wasnt actualy expecting it at all...

Wonder if you guys will do a special one with just SHIPS?

Outstanding resource for a large cast of NPCs


I'm not normally a big paper miniature gamer. That being said I read the first volume of the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path and I quickly realized I wasn't going to be able to field a satisfying pirate crew with my collection of miniatures. So I decided to take the plunge into paper miniatures with this AP. I'm so glad I did.

The artwork is outstanding. All the characters and monsters for the AP are there. There is some slight duplication of the more generic stuff, but there is still variety in those, as there are at least two different versions of each of the generic stuff. There were a few problems with the file, but they were quickly fixed. This is one resource I've been pleasantly surprised with.

I hope to see more in this style and quality. I was so surprised by this one that I decided to take a chance on another AP's paper miniatures. I will reserve comment for that one other than to say it does not stand up to the standards set by this set!

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