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Legend: Samurai of Legend

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Feudal Japan has intrigued the west for centuries. Its strict codes of honour and behaviour, coupled with a rich and detailed religious and mythical background is perfect for Legend campaigns.

This book takes you into the Nippon of the classic Samurai age, offering complete rules for creating Adventurers and stalking through the misty isles of Ancient Japan. The book features a comprehensive overview of feudal Japanese society; its castes, professions, traditions and social codes. It also includes full overviews of the two major religions: Shintoism and Buddhism, with a full range of cults supporting each. Japanese magic is detailed with full guidance for integrating Legend magic into the unique magic systems of the Japanese schools. And, naturally, Samurai of Legend would not be complete without special rules for handling those masters of stealth, disguise and assassination: the legendary Ninja.

New Adventurers; new rules, new magic, new monsters. Leave the west behind and prepare to immerse yourself in the Way of the Warrior.

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