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CLASSifieds: Wolfsworn (PFRPG) PDF

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A Wolfsworn rider is taught from birth how to care for, train, and make use a rare breed of wolf as a powerful ally and mount in combat. Wolfsworn are skilled warriors, trained for combat while mounted on the backs of vicious and oversized wolves. They can found charging across a battlefield, savagely destroying enemies who do not have the sense enough to flee. The Wolfsworn's true power comes from the ferocity of his mount, his combat prowess that he has learned, and the devastating carnage they wreak together. Wolfsworn tend to rush head long onto the field of battle, using brutal tactics to destroy enemies.

Crashing down the steep embankment, in a cloud of dust rising from its decent, the massive black wolf and its armored rider quickly covered the ground needed to catch the fleeing ogre. With a single command, the rider pulled hard on the reigns, sending the oversized canine into a savage rage and causing it to release an unnatural howl which echoed throughout the ridge. Hearing the sound of its death swiftly approaching, the ogre realized that there would be no escape. The hulking giant turned, it’s oversized club in hand to meet the pursuers in combat, but was only greeted by the powerful jaws of the wolfsworn’s mount closing around his throat and pulling it’s bulk onto the ground.

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Another incomplete product from FGG

**( )( )( )

What it is: The Cavalier class, minus the horse, minus any ability that is useful without a mount, plus a wolf that one can ride.

Short: FGG continues to produce products that have missing rules, are full of grammatical and formatting errors, and classes that are one trick ponies.

I’ll make this quick, lest I repeat myself.

What does it take, I wonder, to do a few once overs of one's product, and see what is missing?

When I skimmed this class, I was pretty delighted. A savage Cavalier, with wolves? Yes please!

However, after I actually began to go through this class, here is what I found:
-Grammatical errors, like missing words: “They can found charging,” (Shouldn’t that be: They can BE found charging?)
-Formatting errors. One that sticks out in my mind is one of the wolves, the Death Hound, has its title in a smaller font type.
-There are supposed to be five wolves available to select from: Blood Wolf, Steel Pelt, Black Fang, Iberion, or the Death Hound. They do not, however, list the stats for the Blood Wolf.
-An almost complete lack of class abilities that actually help the Wolfsworne character. Most of the abilities help their wolf, which they are assumed to always be riding. What abilities does a Wolfesworne actually get for themselves? Fighter bonus feats at 2nd level, and every 4 levels afterwards. That’s it. Everything else either pumps up the wolf, or is related to the wolf in some way. Maybe that doesn’t bug you, but it bugs me.

Lastly, FGG seems to have completely ignored requests for more information about the missing Blood Wolf.

I didn’t go further than the actual class itself. It also contains feats, archetypes, and magic items. I didn’t keep reading past the class, because I’m the only one whom allows 3rd party classes in my games, and after reading the disaster that was the core class, I knew I wouldn’t be allowing it in my games.

In the end, the Wolfsworne gets two stars for having an interesting idea that has been badly implemented. Maybe if the class was cleaned up, and the issue I have with the Wolfsworne character being pretty weak without their wolf was addressed, I’d raise this to four stars. Three if the document was at least cleaned up.

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