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Zoo Yatzy

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A variant of Yahtzee with animals instead of numbers, and different score system. Includes 5 dice with animals on them (monkey, elephant, giraffe, rhino, bear, and lion).

The basic rules are pretty much the same as Yahtzee (you roll up to three times and then score), but there are some combinations that don't score. For instance, three elephants only score with two bears, so are of no use with any other animal.

Also, the scores are simplified: for instance, the first part of the scoring table has no difference, and each animal is worth one per die. So if you roll 2 elephants, or 2 lions, or 2 bears, you will always score 2 points. This appears obvious because there are no numbers associated to animals.

Of course the scoring system is open to customization (for instance assigning a fixed value to each animal so that you can play with the standard Yathzee scoring system), but this game is primarily aimed to kids, so it's somewhat easier than the original.

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