Pathfinder Battles—Rise of the Runelords

****½ (based on 17 ratings)

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The friends, fiends, and foes of Pathfinder's Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path invade your gaming table with Rise of the Runelords, the brand new Pathfinder Battles prepainted miniatures set from Paizo Publishing and WizKids! This stunning set features 64 all-new sculpts drawn from the gorgeous art in Paizo's Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path Anniversary Edition, a hardcover collection of the very first Pathfinder campaign! Designed to enhance the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, but suitable for any fantasy roleplaying campaign, these figures raise the bar on prepainted miniatures, setting a new standard of excellence and featuring a wide variety of monsters, NPCs, and heroes from the most popular Pathfinder campaign of all time!

Pathfinder Battles Rise of the Runelords miniatures come in two product configurations: Standard Boosters contain 4 Large, Medium, and Small minis, and Huge Boosters contain 1 Huge mini.

  • Rise of the Runelords Standard Boosters contain 1 Large figure and 3 Medium or Small figures
  • Rise of the Runelords Standard Bricks contain 8 Standard Boosters (32 figures total)
  • Rise of the Runelords Standard Cases contain 4 Standard Bricks (32 Standard Boosters, 128 figures total)
  • Rise of the Runelords Huge Boosters contain 1 Huge figure
  • Rise of the Runelords Huge Cases contain 6 Huge Boosters (6 figures total)
  • Rise of the Runelords Case Bundles contain 1 Standard Case and 1 Huge Case (128 small, medium or large figures and 6 Huge figures)

Purchasers should get no to very few duplicate figures in a brick. Buyers who purchase factory-sealed cases should get a nearly complete set of figures. (As with any randomized product, collation is not guaranteed.)

Rise of the Runelords Set List

1  Bugbear Hero
2  Goblin Commando
3  Goblin Dog
4  Goblin Warchanter
5  Kobold Champion
6  Faceless Stalker
7  Ghoul
8  Harpy
9  Ogrekin
10  Yeth Hound
11  Denizen of Leng
12  Redcap
13  Sinspawn
14  Sinspawn Axeman
15  Skinsaw Cultist
16  Alu-Demon
17  Lamia Kuchrima
18  Shining Child
19  Warrior of Wrath
20  Wraith
21  Goblin Commando on Goblin Dog
22  Jakardros Sovark
23  Lyrie Akenja
24  Ameiko Kaijitsu
25  Harsk, Dwarf Ranger
26  Lamia Matriarch
27  Malfeshnekor
28  Orik Vancaskerkin
29  Tsuto Kaijitsu
30  Vale Temros
31  Kaven Windstrike
32  Khalib
33  Ogre
34  Ogre Brute
35  Seoni, Human Sorcerer
36  Shalelu Andosana
37  Viorian Dekanti
38  Dire Bear
39  Stone Giant
40  Stone Giant Champion
41  Vraxeris
42  Lamia
43  Wendigo
44  Yeti
RareHugePromotional (Gargantuan)
45  Aldern Foxglove
46  Jaagrath Kreeg
47  Lucrecia
48  The Scribbler
49  The Skinsaw Man
50  Highlady Athroxis
51  The Mithral Mage
52  Runelord Karzoug
53  Stone Golem
54  Azaven
55  Lamatar Bayden
56  Mokmurian
57  Forgefiend
58  Nualia
59  Warchief Ripnugget
60  Young Red Dragon
61  Karzoug Statue
62  Lamia Harridan
63  Storm Giant
64  Treachery Demon
65  Rune Giant

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Battles Case Subscription.

Product Availability

Standard Case, Standard Brick, Standard Booster: Ships from our warehouse in 1 to 7 business days.

Huge Case, Huge Booster: Unavailable

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 17 ratings)

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My 2nd favorite set (from 10) so far!


This second set is the best after set #9 (Dungeons Deep).
-There is not a single 1 star miniature in this set. Even the baddest ones get 2 stars from me.
-Of the 14 LARGE minis none is so unique that you can´t use it in other adventures. Some are quite essential ones. The worst one gets 3 stars!
-The only set to include HUGE miniatures!!! One of those is 5 stars, one is 4 stars, one 3 stars and one 2 stars.
-The diversity. This set has every kind of creature from Abberation to Undead. 64 creatures that make up one of the most most memorable campaigns in the history of Roleplaying!

mostly good

****( )

I got my case a couple weeks ago. Of course it doesnt come with a mini for every creature you encounter but most the gaps can he filled with a pawn or a paper mini. I was surprised that judge ironbriar didnt have a mini though. This is as far as i am in the AP so hopefully the rest of the tough guys have minis.

The rune giant would be flawless and one of my favorite pieces if not for his eyes being to close together, leaving him looking... lets say, simple. I also have a issue with the ogrekin. The book has awesome artwork for these monsters but the mini set gives you a generic looking ogerkin. Not a fan. I understand they do this so that you can use the same one for every encounter, but I'd rather have separate ones that look as awesome as the art.

On the upside most the rest of the pieces are pretty nice. The female sorcereSS, dwarf ranger, amieko, and several others are all excellent quality and i will use them for many more games after runelords. The stone giants, forgefiend, and the ogre brute are some of my favorites. And the rune giant is still awesome, even though he looks like he rode the short bus

Duplicate Brick

So I bought a brick of Rise of the Runelords; I quite enjoyed them and was planning on using them when I run my Rise of the Runelord Anniversary Adventure Path. I went out and bought another brick (from a different store) and I got exactly the same models with no exceptions. I am hugely disappointed by this as I expected some randomization. Maybe someone at the factory needs to be talked to. I don't have the money to go buy more at the moment and I don't even want to as I fear the same thing might happen again.

TPK-Online Review - Good or Great

****( )

I did a review of the minis on my site, here. They're good, but probably better if you're running Rise of the Runelords.

My Rise of the Runelords booster experience.


I'll also mention that I am running RotR for my Sunday group (really only 2 sessions into it) and while I had to drop out of the case subscription, I found myself with the ability (and money) to buy 3 standard boosters and 3 huge boosters ... and I'm not sorry I did. :)

Let me quickly add in here SPOILER ALERT!!!! (and perhaps this next behind a spoiler tag)

I was really happy to have gotten not only Ameiko Kaijitsu, but Tsuto Kaijitsu as well. It's very likely that my next session will have the Glassworks Encounter ... so it's super awesome to have the Kaijitsu siblings (I have PLENTY of goblins thanks to Heroes & Battles).
Other goodness includes a goblin dog, a yeti, a faceless stalker, a goblin commando and a redcap. For my HUGES I got the storm giant and the lamia harridan, as well as
the Karzoug Statue.
The other two larges I got (for those keeping count) I think I'll "spoiler" tag 'em as well, they are important "big bads" in later parts of the AP.
Jaagrath Kreeg and Mokmurian. Speaking of big bads, I also got the skinsaw man and vraxeris.
So, all in all very, very pleased with what I got. If I can afford more boosters in the near future (or somehow afford the case bundle) I will take the plunge. Maybe even buy a few singles of a few "key" villains of chapter 1 that I didn't get. ;) ***And before someone kindly points it out that I may not have a lot of time before I can still "subscribe" to this set ... due to limited premium Rune Giant "miniatures" ... it's a risk I'll have to take.***


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