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Anachronistic Adventurers: The Daredevil (PFRPG) PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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There, with a revolver in his hand, stood Rodd, tall and formidable, his dark face looking like that of Satan himself, a very monument of rage and jealousy. There in front of him on the couch sat Heda, grasping its edge with her fingers, her cheeks as pale as a sheet and her eyes shining. By her side was Anscombe, cool and collected as usual, I noticed, but evidently perplexed.

“If there is any shooting to be done,” he was saying, “I think you had better begin with me.”
—H. Rider Haggard, Finished

The daredevil is the kind of character that might actually be called an “adventurer” by members of common society – someone who is driven to regularly and intentionally do things that are clearly dangerous and frightening. Some daredevils are driven by the desire to experience ever-greater thrills, while others feel a sense of duty to undertake perilous tasks so that others don’t have to. What unites all daredevils is that no matter why they run into a building when everyone else is running out, they have a personality that allows them to do dangerous things with a calm and poise that belies the great skill and concentration such tasks demand. A daredevil is more than a thrill-seeker, he is a professional risk-taker who is trained and predisposed to accomplish deeds often described as suicidal, foolhardy, or even impossible. Daredevils may be stunt men, masked vigilantes, professional escapists, espionage agents, or military commandos given missions regular soldiers know better than to accept.

Or course many are also delvers into mysteries they keep being warned “man was not meant to know,” and as a result thrust into a typical fantasy campaign.

The “modern” person of great bravery and skill getting stuck in a more primitive, fantasy-themed world is a common trope in a great deal of adventure fiction, especially the “time travel adventure fiction” more common in the early part of the 20th century than today, but still very popular with a wide range of gamers (and game writers). The daredevil is the third in a line of Anachronistic Adventurers products designed to provide rules for running modern (or near-modern) heroes in a typical fantasy roleplaying game setting. While it’s impossible to address every possible issue that might arise for such characters (can the adherent of a modern, real-world religion become a cleric?), each product in the line will look at one area where the modern and fantasy realms are most likely to overlap and give guidance for running heroic anachronisms.

We also present rules for ritual magic, the dangerous tool of mad cultists and mystics often opposed by anachronistic adventures, but also a power the bravest (or most foolhardy) of heroes sometimes seek to claim as their own. Finally we touch on the idea of Progress Levels (PL), a simple way to determine the general technological advancement of a campaign (and outlined in more detail in Anachronistic Adventurers: The Enforcer).

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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And the third in an unbroken line of stellar classes with supreme synergy


This installment of the Anachronistic Adventurers-line is 15 pages long, 2/3 of a page front cover, 1 page editorial/SRD, leaving 13 1/3 pages of content, so let's check this out!

The third of the Anachronistic Adventurers-classes is the Daredevil, who gets d8, 7+Int skills, medium BAB, good ref-saves and thus is probably closest to the skill-monkey classes like the rogue. In contrast to the rogue, bard, etc., the focus of the daredevil is acting under stress and influencing actions when it counts. The signature ability dauntless surge, which can be used a couple of times per day and continuously improves over the levels of the class, enables daredevils to add a flexible, dice-based bonus to their throws, especially when it counts. The ability to use dauntless surge can be used further via the usage of up to 5 daredevil talents as well as 4 so-called limited talents - both kinds of talents can be chosen from a list of 32 talents, some of which can't be taken via limited talents, though. This vast selection of available talents ensures that the daredevil can fit a rogue's feet, disable and spring traps etc.pp., but still remain true to the distinct thrill-seeker, to the man who walks away from explosions without looking back - perhaps because they have literally done it too many times.

Of course, the class stays true to the AA-line and also uses anachronistic archetypes, which are completely exchangeable with those from the two predecessor-files. This time, the new archetypes once again are rather interesting: If you ever wanted to play a Houdini-type of acrobatic character, the Escapist will suit your needs. For fans of James Bond and similar agents, the Secret Agent-archetype is what you've been looking for. Even better, the Masked Adventurer, a being like the Phantom, Bruce Wayne or masked wrestlers, who truly counts as different personas when wearing his or her mask and comes with 7 special talents. The final archetype includes once again a kind of crunchy masterpiece on par with the research-rules for the Investigator: The Occultist comes with working ritual magic rules. Essentially, it is possible to cast any spell as a ritual, but each ritual costs money, needs skill and each casting of the ritual has to be tailored towards the individual circumstances. These rules are simple, entwined slightly with the research rules and make it possible to finally run gritty, Conan-style campaigns while using the Pathfinder-rules and opens a whole new approach to magic. And the rules fit on approximately 2 pages.

The pdf also includes 4 new anachronistic feats (three of which deal with ritual magic) and information on progress levels with which you might already be familiar with.

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. The layout adheres to SGG'S 3-column standard and the B/w-artworks are fitting and nice, hearkening back to both comic classics and pulpy illustrations. The pdf has no bookmarks. This class and pdf has a terribly high expectation to fulfill on my side, seeing that the Investigator is my favorite PFRPG-class out there and that I loved the research-rules. The Daredevil surprisingly manages to fulfill my expectations in its presentation of iconic archetypes and a talent-focused class that oozes style and flavor. I do have some minor gripes, namely that I would have loved for the escapist and secret agent to get their exclusive talents like the masked adventurer. The ritual-rules, though, at least for me, come close in brilliance to the research-rules (though not completely reaching their level of abject awesomeness) and make up for this very minor shortcoming. All in all, I'm complaining here on the highest level possible, as this line has continuously baffled me with its brilliant ideas and while I did not like the daredevil just as much as the investigator, I still consider this pdf a stellar example of design. Thus, my final verdict will be 5 stars and the Endzeitgeist seal of approval.

Be a Daredevil with Super Genius Games


The latest in Super Genius Games' series "Anachronistic Adventurers", the Daredevil is a new base class for Pathfinder that allows you to play a world-crossing adventurer.

The PDF itself is 14 pages long; 15 if you count the OGL. It is laid out in the usual style used by SGG, and it presents both the class proper and several archetypes which its intended to be used with. These include: the Escapist (think Harry Houdini and professional escape artists); the Secret Agent (like James Bond and other cinematic spies); and my two personal favorites, the Masked Adventurer (like Batman, or the Spider, or a million other guys who fight crime and the forces of darkness) and the Occultist (which can vary from a two-fisted occult detective to a full-blown ritual magician).

The two best parts of the PDF are the new Dauntless Surge mechanic, which allows your daredevil to engage in reckless feats with a slightly better than usual chance of survival; and a section on ritual magic in Pathfinder. It does a good job of presenting a workable and not overly complex system which can be modified by gamers as needed. I would love a longer and more complex ritual magic system myself, but this works just fine with the pulpish tone of the class.

In the end, the Daredevil PDF does all that it intended to do. Yet another fine and worthwhile purchase from Super Genius Games.

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