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Iconic Characters (PFRPG)

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)
Iconic Characters (PFRPG)

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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible PLAYERS RESOURCE by Mary-ann Astle and Martin Tideswell

Are you a player who has ever needed a 1st-level character quickly and don’t have the time to roll one up? Did your first PC suffer a tragic end and you want to get back into action as quickly as possible?

Then Iconic Characters is for you! Iconic Characters presents ten 1st-level characters designed with the 15 point purchase system. Each comes ready to play with full equipment loads, selected spells and so on.

The featured characters comprise:

  • Abebi Kamau (NG female human oracle [life] 1): A wandering enigma imbued with mystical powers yet haunted by malevolent spirits.
  • Baelvain Thareth (CG male elf magus 1): A member of an ancient order of warrior-mages, this elf seeks the ultimate confrontation with a dragon!
  • Elmeri Helminen (LN male human cavalier [Order of the Shield] 1): lay A priest of many years who has taken up arms after growing tired of watching he weak suffer at the hands of the evil and the strong.
  • Ilona Karonen (N female witch [agility] 1): A former prostitute whose latent powers awoke after a brutal attack.
  • Kethaith Azathal (LG male half-elf cleric 1): This zealous priest relishes battle ad seeks to purge the world of the undead.
  • Maratri Laemar (CG female elf ranger 1): The daughter of a high-ranking priest who has forsaken the clergy for a life of exploration.
  • Paradan Hanter (NG male human wizard [illusionist] 1): This fledging wizard is driven by the need to find his missing twin sister.
  • Talek Perrin (NG male half-orc fighter 1): This child of violence was raised in the wake of tragedy and taught martial skills and civilised values by a kindly foster-father.
  • Urbren Glitterheart (NG female halfling rogue 1): An orphan and street urchin who retains an easy charm despite her torturous childhood.
  • Werthic Bolhak (LG male dwarf fighter 1): A former blacksmith pursuing a life of adventure after the untimely, tragic death of his wife.

GMs can also use Iconic Characters to quickly create a well-rounded adventuring party for a one-shot adventure or as a group of rivals to their own PC party.

This product is a Dual Format PDF. The downloadable ZIP file contains two versions, one optimised for printing and use on a normal computer and one optimised for use on a mobile device such as an iPad.

Note: The Free version contains just the character statistics, while the Full version has extensive notes detailing each character's background, personality, mannerisms and distinguishing features.

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****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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****( )

I have reviewed this PDF over on

Very good pregens in an interesting experiment

****( )

This pdf is 27 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page advertisement, 2 pages editorial/ToC, 1 page SRD/author bios, 1 page advice on how to read statblocks and 1 page back cover, leaving 20 pages of content for the 10 characters - one page crunch and 1 page fluff per character.

This is not all this pdf is, though - just as much as it's a supplement and a promotion, Iconic characters can be considered a kind of social experiment: The basic stats contained n this pdf are available for free, while the paid version includes massive amounts of information on the individual characters. Created with the 15-point buy system and belong to the core-races. All the characters are first level, come with their own respective b/w-artworks and would make for ready to use characters suitable both as go-play player characters or NPCs under the control of the DM.

We get a nice slew of characters, including an oracle (life), an elven magus, a human cavalier of the order of the shield, a human witch (agility), a half-elf cleric, an elven ranger, a illusionist, a half-orc fighter, a halfling rogue and a dwarven fighter. No love for gnomes, unfortunately.

That is the content we get for free - the background information of the respective characters, their distinguishing features and mannerisms as well as hooks for them are each devoted a whole page and the additional space provided makes each character a truly distinguished individual indeed. In fact, the writing is compelling enough to make me potentially want to play these characters - tragedies and past failures and victories are detailed, as are hooks to get them into adventuring. While they are not bereft of all clichés (the half-orc has been adopted, his father ostracized by the community...), the backgrounds are well written enough and detailed enough to make this a worthwhile purchase.

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. Layout adheres to RSP's classic two-column b/w-standard. The pdf comes with a screen and a print-version and is fully bookmarked. The b/w-artworks are neat, but if you're like me and own a lot (or all) Raging Swan-pdfs, you'll be familiar with them. When all is said and done, I do like the characters presented in Iconic Characters - as go-play adventurers you can use without rolling the dice, the guys and gals work well indeed. If, as a DM, you're looking for cohorts or low-level allies, these characters may also work well for you, as the writing per se is neat indeed. HOWEVER: We don't get any gnomes, no sample summoner, inquisitor, alchemist, gunslinger etc. and familiars and similar creatures have been left out of the equation as well. There's another catch. Legendary Games' "Gothic Heroes". This pdf set the standard so high for good pre-gens, it's hard to beat indeed and while Iconic Characters is a very good file, it somewhat blanches when compared to the admittedly more expensive Gothic Heroes. On the other hand, the characters presented here are slightly more conventional and depending on your taste, might fit better with you. Seeing that I consider Raging Swan's offer of providing the crunch for free extremely fair, I'd settle for a definite recommendation that you check these characters out and, if you like what you see, buy the file. That being said, I can't rate this higher than Legendary Games' pregens and will thus settle for a final verdict of 4 stars.

Endzeitgeist out. Gift Certificates
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